World Premieres 2018

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Bernhard Lang:Hermetica VII for E-Bass FX and 8 voices
Heidelberg, January 2018

Ian Wilson:Massive Perturber for piano solo
Belfast, 06.01.2018

Dai Fujikura:Cello Concerto (orchestra version) for cello and orchestra
Berlin, 10.01.2018

Christian Rivet:Quelque part dans l'inachevé for flute & chamber orchestra

Ian Wilson: Socrates ungraved for violin & string orchestra
Belgrade, 11.01.2018

Luca Francesconi: Daedalus for flute and ensemble
Berlin, 26.01.2018

Daniele Ghisi: Any Road for large ensemble, video and electronics
Paris, 26.01.2018

Benjamin Attahir: Après l'ineffable for cello & piano
Gstaad, 27.01.2018

Silvia Colasanti: Ogni cosa ad ogni cosa ha detto addio for string quartet
Amsterdam, 29.01.2018

Gerard Zinsstag: Incantation for flute
Zurich, 30.01.2018


Fabio Vacchi: Piano Sonata N.1
Lugano, 06.02.2018

François Meïmoun: pièce piano 

Olga Neuwirth: Aello - ballet mecanomorphe for flute and orchestra
Orebro, 08.02.2018

Adam Schoenberg: Orchard in Fog for violin
San Diego, 10.02.2018

Fabio Vacchi: Eternapoli for recitant voices, chorus and orchestra
Naples, 16.02.2018

Stefano Gervasoni: In die Luft geschrieben for mezzosoprano, harp, celesta, percussion and strings
Munich, 22.02.2018

Joseph Phibbs: The Seven Ages of Man for SATB and Piano
London, 23.02.2018

Marco Tutino: Miseria e Nobiltà opera
Genova, 23.02.2018

Ian Wilson: Denier for flute, two violins, two cellos
Cork, 23.02.2018

Mauro Lanza: Discorso di Gagarin attorno alla terra for 2 pianos
Los Angeles, 25.02.2018

Bernhard Lang: DW 30 'loops for Klaus Schulze Redux' for three synthesizers
Luxembourg, 26.02.2018

Liza Lim: The Su Song Star Map for violin solo
Boston, 26.02.2018


Sarah Nemtsov: New Work for vl, vla, vc, db, pf, keyboard, perc and electronics
Paris, March 2018 

Annette Schlünz: Cahier des cordes for various strings
Strasbourg, 01.03.2018

Dai Fujikura: Tuba Concerto for tuba and wind orchestra
Tokyo, 03.03.2018

Dai Fujikura: The Gold-Bug opera
Basel, 09.03.2018

Christian Rivet: Etoile double for ensemble
Paris, 09.03.2018

John Hopkins: Double Concerto
Glasgow, 10.03.2018

Giorgio Battistelli: Wake - Opera
Birmingham, 14.03.2018

Baptiste Trotignon: Ouverture concert for orchestra
Paris, 15.03.2018

Giorgio Battistelli: New Work for orchestra
Padova, 16.03.2018 

Ali Askin: Peterchens Mondfahrt for chamberorchestra and narrator
Munich, 18.03.2018

Georges Aperghis: Migrants for ensemble
Hamburg, 21.03.2018

Philippe Hersant: Chœur for mixed choir
Paris, 21.03.2018

Carlo Boccadoro: Un guanciale di nuvole azzurre for voide and six instruments
Pordenone, 28.03.2018


Bechara El-Khoury: Symphonie 2 « Trame von Wien » for orchestra

Philip Venables: The Gender Agenda staged interactive concert
London, 12.04.2018

Marco Momi: QUATTRO NUDI for guitar and electronics
Basel, 16.04.2018

Marco Stroppa: La vita immobile for string quartet
Turin, 20.04.2018 (WP of the complete version)

Samy Moussa: Concerto for string quartet & orchestra
Montréal, 20.04.2018

Hèctor Parra: Avant la fin… Vers où ? for grand orchestra, ensemble and electronics
Paris, 20.04.2018

Georg Friedrich Haas: Trio for sax, pf, perc
Witten, 27.04.2018

Liza Lim: Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus for ensemble
Witten, 28.04.2018


Hèctor Parra: Inscape (titre provisoire) for ensemble
Barcelona, 01.05.2018

Liza Lim: The Table of Knowledge for solo double bass
Cologne, 02.05.2018

Shiori Usui: New Work for solo clarinette and orchestra
Cottbus, 04.05.2018

Zeno Baldi: New Work for ensemble
Milan, 08.05.2018

Hèctor Parra: Orgia for baroque ensemble

Sarah Nemtsov: New Work for 6 (e-) guitars
Villengen-Schwenningen, 19.05.2018

Alexandre Raskatov: GerMANIA opera
Lyon, 19.05.2018 

Zeno Baldi: New Work for string quartet
Pinerolo, 19.05.2018

Jan Dvorak: Frankenstein opera
Hamburg, 20.05.2018

Marco Momi: New Work for sax, pf, perc
Insel Hombroich, 20.05.2018


Marco Momi: Almost Nowhen for 17 instruments
Milan, 01.06.2018

Huang Ruo: An American Soldier -  Opera
St. Louis, 03.06.2018

Robert HP Platz: House of One for male voices and contrabass flute
Cologne, 08.06.2018

Bernhard Lang: Game One. Self Organizing Systems for ensemble
Salzburg, 09.06.2018

Philippe Hersant: Pygmalion for recitative voice and chamber orchestra

Liza Lim: Atlas of the Sky for Speak percussion
Melbourne, 18.06.2018

Samy Moussa: pièce pour cors for 8 horns
Munich, 24.06.2018

Bechara El-Khoury: Chant de lumière pour la Sainte Vierge for orchestra
Paris, 30.06.2018


Sarah Nemtsov: New Work for Cembalo solo and baroque orchestra
Viitasaari, 03.07.2018

Enno Poppe: New Work for choir
Stuttgart, 05.07.2018

Philippe Manoury: concerto flûte for flute & orchestra
Cologne, 08.07.2018

Nikolaus Brass: Die Vorübergehenden - Opera
Munich, 14.07.2018

Joseph Phibbs: Juliana - Chamber Opera
Cheltenham, 15.07.2018