World Premieres 2017

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Georg Friedrich Haas: Release for ensemble
Hamburg, 12.01.2017

Younghi Pagh-Paan: Horizont auf hoher See for string quartet
Hamburg, 17.01.2017

Luca Francesconi: Dia-Ballein for ensemble
Milan, 18.01.2017

Silvia Colasanti: Tre Notti (orchestra version) for orchestra
Naples, 27.01.2017

Carlo Boccadoro: Piano Concerto
Milan, 30.01.2017

Matteo Franceschini: Lex Excentriques for an ensemble of 6 instruments
Paris, 30.01.2017


Enno Poppe: Glas for six voices
Stuttgart, 05.02.2017

Isidora Zebeljan: Pipe and Flamingos for clarinet and orchestra
Santiago De Compostela (A Coruña), 09.02.2017

Azio Corghi: …À bord d'un petit train de plaisir… for voice, piano 4-hands and string quartet
Vasto (Italy), 19.02.2017

Liza Lim: Ronda - the Spinning World for ensemble
Frankfurt, 25.02.2017


Luca Francesconi: Trompe- la-Mort, opera
Paris, 16.03.2017

Luca Francesconi: Driven by Tears for piano
Perugia, 17.03.2017

Olga Neuwirth: Quasare Pulsare II for piano trio
Vienna, 17.03.2017

Vinko Globokar: Les Soliloques for orchestra
tba, 19.03.2017

Francesco Antonioni: Northern lights after the thaw for alto, clarinet and string orchestra
Genoa: 27.03.2017


Giorgio Battistelli: LOT, opera
Hannover, 01.04.2017

Giorgio Battistelli: Otzi for orchestra
Bozen, 25.04.2017

Peter Eötvös: Now, Miss! Version for violin and violoncello
London, 26.04.2017

Annette Schlünz: Tre Volti for ensemble and two singers
Schwetzingen, 28.04.2017


Riccardo Nova: Lamento for sax, guitar, percussion and electronics
Lausanne, 13.05.2017

Lanza Mauro: The 1987 Max Headroom Broadcast Incident for “augmented” string quartet (2017)
Marseille, 14.05.2017

Sergej Newski: Messenger for ensemble
Moscow, 15.05.2017

Azio Corghi: Arie virtuose for bassoon and string orchestra
Bari, 20.05.2017


Dai Fujikura: Go for quintett
New York, 04.06.2017

Mauro Lanza: The Kempelen Machine for ensemble (new version without voice)
Luxembourg, 12.06.2017

Luca Francesconi: Sans for ensemble
Vienna, 13.06.2017


Dai Fujikura: pitter-patter for violin and piano
Nagoya, 04.07.2017


Georg Friedrich Haas: Unstability for orchestra
Berlin, 25.08.2017


Luca Francesconi: Cello Concerto n.3
Lucerne, 03.09.2017

Georg Friedrich Haas: Violin concerto
Tokyo, 07.09.2017

Silvia Colasanti: Orfeo. Flebile queritur lyra for soprano and orchestra
Milan, 21.09.2017 (WP of the orchestra version)