Scarlatti: 60 Sonatas for Keyboard Scarlatti: 60 Sonatas for Keyboard

Posted by Ricordi 04 January 2017

This Anthology offers a wide selection of Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti taken from the complete critical edition edited by Emilia Fadini for Casa Ricordi since 1978. The sonatas have been chosen according to their level of difficulty (from Easy-Intermediate to Intermediate) and, in some cases, their popularity with performers. The anthology furthermore represents a vast choice of the genres and styles present in the complete corpus of Scarlatti’s sonatas (Capricci, Gavottes, Menuets, Fugues).

From the preface: “The main inspiration for this collection of sonatas is our desire to offer all keyboard musicians, expert or less skilled, the chance to become familiar with the work of the great Domenico Scarlatti, regardless of their actual level of expertise.”

Scarlatti edition

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