Bussotti: Passion selon Sade

Bussotti: Passion selon Sade

On February 23, the Théâtre Bernadette Lafont of Nȋmes presents an all-new production of Sylvano Bussotti’s La passion selon Sade, directed by Antoine Gindt. Léo Warynski conducts the Ensemble Multilatérale and soprano Raquel Camarinha.

La passion selon Sade premiered in Palermo in 1965, featuring soprano Kathy Berberian, with the composer himself in the role of director, set designer and choirmaster. This was Bussotti’s first work destined for the theater. The apparently haphazard score for nine instruments (flute, oboe, oboe d’amore, horn, percussion, two pianos -  also celesta, harmonium - organ, and cello) is a totally theatrical work, and perhaps the most daring, experimental and innovative of Sylvano Bussotti’s compositions. 

The new production of La passion selon Sade will tour in:
Strasbourg, Musica, September 23, 2017
Paris, Athénée-Théâtre Louis-Jouvet, November 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2017
Grenoble, MC2, May 25, 2018
Théâtre de Caen, June 7, 2018


Watch the trailer, courtesy of T&M-Paris


Photo © Sandy Korzekwa