Happy Birthday, Maestro Corghi! Happy Birthday, Maestro Corghi!

Posted by Ricordi 28 February 2017

Azio Corghi is a composer, musicologist and pedagogue. His works - which have been played and performed in the most prestigious international theatres and concert halls – include operas, ballets and pieces for instrumental (acoustical and electronic) and vocal groups. He has often availed himself of the collaboration of José Saramago for his opera texts.

As a musicologist he edited the critical revision of the Italiana in Algeri for the “Fondazione Rossini” in Pesaro and also those of the Arie da opere and Beatus vir by Antonio Vivaldi for Casa Ricordi.

He has been a teacher of composition and co-ordinator of the training courses at the “Fondazione Arturo Toscanini” in Parma and from 1971 he was a professor of composition at the Conservatory “G.Verdi” in Milan. Since 1995 ha has been teacher of the specialization course in composition at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome and from 2000 at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana. 

List (work in progress) of performances and events of next few months 

5 February 2017, Milan 
Cadenze virtuose (2016) after Vivaldi’s operas for bassoon (WP) –Festival REBUS, Centro Musica Contemporanea,  soloist Paolo Carlini

19 February 2017, Vasto 
"à bord d'un petit train de plaisir" (2017)  version for piano duo, string quartet and actor by Carla Rebora and Carla Magnan (WP) - Teatro Rossetti, Piano Duo: Soave /Baccolo, actress Cristiana Voglino, Jok Quartet: violins Daniele Richiedei and Alice Baccolo, viola Antonio Granata, cello Marco Pennacchio

22 February 2017, Turin - Concert for 80th anniversary 
“sotto l’ombra che il bambino solleva” (1995) after José Saramago’s text- Teatro Regio, actress Chiara Muti, Orchestra del Teatro Regio, conductor Marco Angius

23 February 2017, Rome 
Excerpts from Amorsacro/Amorprofano (1993) as incidental music for the play ‘Giuseppe Verdi a Napoli’ by Antonio Tarantino - Teatro Vascello 

2 March 2017, Turin 
"...di bravura" (2001) for 2 pianos - Villa Tesoriera, Duo Bordin/Cominassi

14 March 2017, Milan – Concert for 80th anniversary
Cruci-verba (2001)  after José Saramago’s text for actor, chorus and orchestra - Auditorium di Milano, actor Sergio Leone, Chorus and Orchestra Verdi, conductor Pietro Borgonovo

5 May 2017, Parma –  Homage to Azio Corghi for 80th anniversary
Tang’Jok (2012) for violin (WP)  and  “Un petit train de plaisir” (1992) for 2 pianos and 6 percussions, Music Contemporary Ensemble of Conservatory, conductor Danilo Grassi - Auditorium del Carmine, Conservatorio di Musica “A.Boito” ; on 6 May the composer will take a masterclass

11 May 2017, Milan - Homage to Azio Corghi for his 80th anniversary
Round- table  with outstanding musicians and musicologists – Conservatorio di Musica “G.Verdi”, Sala Puccini - Performances of a few Corghi’s chamber works,  Music Contemporary Ensemble of Conservatory, conductor Mauro Bonifacio

20 May 2017, Bari
Arie virtuose (2017) after Vivaldi’s operas  for bassoon and strings (WP) -Teatro Petruzzelli, soloist Paolo Carlini, conductor Giampaolo Bisanti

Photo by Roberto Masotti/Casa Ricordi

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