World Premieres 2019

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Peter Eötvös: "Now, Miss!", version for violin and cello 
Dresden, 11.01.2019 

Robert HP Platz: Anderswo: Wand, for orchestra 
Cologne, 12.01.2019

Reinhard Febel: Bright Star for voices and ensemble, after texts by John Keats, ensemble mosaik 
Salzburg, 15.01.2019 

Reinhard Febel: Slumberland for six pianists on two pianos, flute (piccolo), clarinet (bass clarinet), cello and percussion 
Salzburg, 25.01.2019

Younghi Pagh-Paan: Fanfarella for violin 
Basel, 26.01.2019


Giorgio Battistelli: 7 minuti. Consiglio di fabbrica, opera
Nancy, 01.02.2019

Georg Friedrich Haas: catch as catch can, trio for clarinet, cello and piano 
Cologne, 19.02.2019

Dai Fujikura: Narwhal Echo for 3 female voices and cello
Paris, 21.02.2019

Dai Fujikura: My Letter to the World, version for soprano and piano
Tokyo, 22.02.2019

Dai Fujikura: Suite from Solaris for orchestra 
Nagoya, 22.02.2019


Olga Neuwirth: Magic Flu-idity for flute (and typewriter) 
New York, 01.03.2019

Marcello Panni: Nocturne/Rituel for bassoon and strings
L’Aquila, 12.03.2019

Luca Francesconi: Trauma etude for ensemble
Washington, 15.03.2019

Vittorio Montalti: The Image Maze for saxophone, violin and piano
Milan, 25.03.2019

Dai Fujikura: Horn Concerto No. 2, version for horn and ensemble
Tokyo, 30.03.2019

Mauro Lanza: Experiments in the revival of organisms for orchestra and electronics
Cologne, 31.03.2019


Matteo Franceschini: Poucette, music theatre for 2 actresses, 4 singers and cello
Paris, 02.04.2019

Carlo Boccadoro: Red Harvest for vibraphone and cello
Rome, 04.04.2019

Samir Odeh-Tamimi: LÁMED for piano trio and tenor bass trombone
Freiburg, 06.04.2019

Peter Eötvös: Lady Sarashina, opera, reduced version by Gregory Vajda
Bern, 10.04.2019


Gerhard Stäbler: Den Müllfahrern von San Francisco. Ein Akronym aus akustischen Erinnerungen an eine Reise for orchestra
Cologne, 04.05.2019

Reinhard Febel: Melancholia for ensemble 
Madrid, 22.05.2019

Vittorio Montalti: Le leggi fondamentali della stupidità umana (Opera)
Florence, 25.05.2019

Bernard Foccroulle: Cello Concerto
Brussels, 29.05.2019


Zeno Baldi: Décalage for ensemble
Brussels, 21.06.2019

Matteo Franceschini: Perspectives dj set for string quartet and live electronics
Paris, 21.06.2019