Nemtsov: Mountain & Maiden at Ultraschall Berlin

Mountain & Maiden, a new composition by Sarah Nemtsov – the first ricordilab winner to be signed by the publisher – has its world premiere on 18 January at the Ultraschall Berlin 2020 - Festival für Neue Musik.
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Happy Birthday, Maestro Panni!

On January 19 we’ll be celebrating the 80th birthday of Marcello Panni – a man who’s dedicated his life to music. 
We asked musicologist Sandro Cappelletto to clue us in as to what Marcello Panni has meant to Italian music over the past fifty years. 
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Luciano Chailly: 100 years since his birth

January 19, 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Luciano Chailly. The date ushers in a series of concerts and musicological events, many of which are being coordinated by three institutions based in Trento: the University of Trento’s Department of Humanities and Philosophy, the Philharmonic Society of Trento, and the Provincial Archives of Trento.
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