Beethoven 2020 – The Menu

Have you ever wondered which works of the UMPC catalogues are great matches for Beethoven – or are even influenced by his work? Well, we did – so we put together this little guide. Buon appetito!

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Fabien Lévy – A Portrait

In our current globalized world, with music effortlessly available from almost every country, the most compelling musical identities transcend national borders. Fabien Lévy represents a model of today’s international composer both in his life and his compositional œuvre.

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Gioachino Rossini: Adina

Composed in 1818, Adina was left to languish some years until its premiere in 1826 in Lisbon, with a single performance in that city remaining virtually the only one on record until the opera's revival in 1963. 
The present vocal score is based on the critical edition of the orchestral full score prepared by Fabrizio Della Seta and published by the Fondazione Rossini of Pesaro in collaboration with Casa Ricordi.
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