Lübecker Taschenoper

 Picture of the Lübecker Taschenoper Siegfried der Drachentöter

Grand operas for small stages

Ricordi Berlin has released a new edition of operas for children called “Lübecker Taschenoper” (Lübeck pocket operas). The critically acclaimed series includes operas by composers such as Wagner, Verdi and Mozart that have been edited to be performed on small stages. Each “pocket opera” is for chamber music forces and 60-80 minutes in duration. The stories have been edited in a child-friendly way with new dialogues and interactive elements that involve the audience.
The edition is currently available in German; translations are available upon request.
Please contact us for more information.

Work list

For children 6 years and older:
Der Zauber der Barcarole based on Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffmann
Der Fluch des Meeres based on Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman
Goldrausch based on Wagner’s Rheingold
Siegfried, der Drachentöter based on Wagner’s Ring des Nibelungen
Kein Kamel für Konstanze based on Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio

For children 8 years and older:
Gefangen! based on Beethoven’s Fidelio

For young people 12 years or older:
Bis(s) zu Halloween based on Marschner’s The Vampyr
Liebe oder Lüge based on Verdi’s Rigoletto

Photo: Olaf Malzahn