"Milo and Maya around the world"

On February 23, the Teatro Sociale in Como will host the world premiere of the Expo Opera Milo, Maya e il giro del mondo (Milo and Maya around the world), a contemporary opera for young audiences (ages 6 to 14) written by Matteo Franceschini on a libretto by Lisa Capaccioli.

Franceschini Milo e Maya
The opera tells the story of an imaginary round-the-world trip that two 13-year olds undertake through the ethnic restaurants of a large city. Through the dishes they encounter the young protagonists get to know the tastes and customs of various cultures. The libretto will be also available in French and German. Following the premiere, the Orchestra 1813 with conductor Jacopo Rivani will take Milo, Maya e il giro del mondo on tour, presenting nearly 150 performances in cities across Italy.

Franceschini Milo e Maya
Milo, Maya e il giro del mondo has been developed within the European project Interactive Opera where specially tailored education initiatives prepare students to engage with the piece and the performers. Directed by Caroline Leboutte, the opera has been realised by the Associazione Lirica e Concertistica Italiana di Como (AsLiCo) in collaboration with the Opéra Royal de Wallonie, Liége (BE); Theater Magdeburg (GER); and the Opéra de Rouen – Haute Normandie (FRA). AsLiCo was awarded the 2014 Fedora – Rolf Liebermann Opera Prize for the production of this opera.

Photos: Lucrezia Roda