Vacchi: Lo specchio magico

Vacchi: Lo specchio magico

On May 7 in Florence the Orchestra and Choir of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, conducted by John Axelrod, will perform the world premiere of Fabio Vacchi’s LO SPECCHIO MAGICO (Urban Art Dance Opera), libretto by Aldo Nove. The direction is entrusted to the video-maker Edoardo Zucchetti.

The main theme of the opera is pacifism, and it is shown in various historical episodes ranging  from Ancient Greece to today. On the stage, along with the singers, the storyteller, interpreted by the rapper Millelemmi, and an “urban dancer”, interweave hip hop culture with age-old musical traditions: madrigals, lyric arias and choruses. This way, they guide the listener through each historical episode.

While listening to the live performance of Vacchi’s music, the artist Marco Tarascio (alias Moby Dick) paints graffiti on a wall outside of the opera house. Simultaneously, this graffiti is projected on a screen on stage.
Vacchi Moby
Lo specchio magico, the magic mirror, is a mysterious instrument through which a little boy shows to four ferocious tyrants the dramatic future awaiting the planet as a consequence of their actions… The opera is a journey that travels through time and unites countries that lie thousands of kilometres apart. It is also a reflection of the beauty of life and a moving parable of hope.

Lo specchio magico
(Urban Art Dance Opera) in three acts
for rapper, soprano, 2 tenors, baritone, bass, voice/dancer, mixte chorus, orchestra
Text by Aldo Nove
Full evening