Statue of Giulio Ricordi inaugurated in Milano

Statue of Giulio Ricordi inaugurated in Milano

The statue of Giulio Ricordi (1840-1912) by sculptor Luigi Secchi, created in concomitance with the tenth anniversary of signor Giulio’s death, will be on display November 26 in front of the original location of the Ricordi store, which opened on February 25, 1844.

To find out more about the history of the statue:

In 1912, just days before the death of Giulio Ricordi, a group of his closest friends, including Arrigo Boito and Giacomo Puccini, began soliciting subscriptions for the creation of a marble statue in honor of Ricordi. Employees of Ricordi’s firm were among the many who made their contributions.

Ricordi Statue Milan

On the tenth anniversary of his death, in June 1922, the statue by sculptor Luigi Secchi was put on display in what was the courtyard of the Ricordi headquarters on via Berchet (a short distance from the Duomo and La Scala), accompanied by a solemn ceremony. The statue was later moved to the courtyard of Ricordi Operations on viale Campania, and in the 1950s was placed in the garden of Ricordi Offices and Warehouses on via Salomone.

The statue was removed from that location on September 13, 2016, for restoration overseen by Casa Ricordi, the Ricordi Archives, the Ricordi family, and a group of financiers. Following restoration, the statue was donated to the City of Milano by Casa Ricordi. The statue will be located in Largo Ghiringhelli, the original location of the Ricordi store, which opened on February 25, 1844,  “beneath the portico, alongside the La Scala.” The building would henceforth be known as the Casino Ricordi. 

The tribute to Giulio Ricordi continues on November 26, at 5:30 pm, in La Scala’s Arturo Toscanini Ridotto dei Palchi, with a concert featuring the music of Giulio Ricordi: as a composer, he worked under the nom de plume Jules Burgmein.