Donatoni: Gravità senza peso

Donatoni: Gravità senza peso

The book Gravità senza peso presents the papers read at the first conference on Franco Donatoni, which was held in Parma on November 30, 2013. After twenty-five years since the publication of the last book on Donatoni, this book brings together all the latest research into the works of this composer. It contains two lengthy sections: “Antecedents…” and “…Consequents”.

The first includes papers on Donatoni’s poetics, in particular on the relationship between composer and interpreter (Maria Isabella De Carli); on the variation technique as an archetype for composition (Sandro Gorli); on Donatoni as compared to the main currents of thought in the postwar period (Angelo Orcalli); and on his writings (Rocco De Cia). 
Part two of the book, “…Consequents”, contains a series of analytical papers, which follow the chronological order of the works discussed (by Maria Grazia Sità, Yotam Moshe Haber, Ingrid Pustijanac, Mario Baroni, Sébastien Béranger, Pierre Michel, Candida Felici, Bradley D. Decker, Olivier Class). The papers are in Italian, English and French. The book also includes a brief introduction by Pierre Boulez.

Franco Donatoni. Gravità senza peso – (Weightless Gravity)
Conference Proceedings – Parma, November 30, 2013
Edited by Candida Felici
LIM, Lucca, 2015

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Photo by Fabrizio Garghetti 1987