Haas and Momi: WPs with Trio Accanto

Haas and Momi: WPs with Trio Accanto

Trio Accanto is performing world premieres of both Georg Friedrich Haas and Marco Momi at Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik on April 27, 2018. The concert titled Gestalt und Verzerrung (shape and distortion) features Momi´s VUOI CHE PERDUTI for saxophone, percussion, piano and live electronics and Blumenwiese 1-3 by Haas – three out of fourteen solo pieces to be played simultaneously.

Blumenwiese 1-3 (Flowery Meadow)

“Mira Lobe’s children’s book Das kleine Ich bin Ich (Little I-Am-Me) is great literature. How the author handles rhythm in this text, the way she employs rhyme and internal rhyme – this is linguistic virtuosity. The story begins on the ‘flowery meadow’ where little I-Am-Me is asked the question: ‘Who are you?’
My ‘Flowery Meadow’ is a (still expanding) collection of works linked by their setting virtuoso solo lines next to each other (or on their own). Blumenwiese 1-3 was composed for Trio Accanto. The idyll doesn’t remain undisturbed. At times a frog poses a question – in the event one is prepared to listen to him.”
Georg Friedrich Haas


“VUOI CHE PERDUTI”, explains the composer, “is a piece that accompanies several reflections on dramaturgy. A little journey, which began with VUOI CHE I PASSI ACCADANO for string quartet and live electronics.
In this case, the staged sounds […] are limited to the contrast/comparison/support that the trio has with a distant, sinusoid voice. These sounds cut up the piece, though we don’t know where they come from. […]
The voices we hear have an abstract tone, void of passion’s rhetoric. They journey as well, engaged in contemplation from on high, perched above a slight detachment. They refuse to travel in circles, entangled. Instead, they move onward […].”

2018 looks to be a big year for Marco Momi, with performances slated for a number of his works. Here’s a sampling of what to look forward to:

Almost Nowhere for saxophone, el.guitar, percussion, piano and electronics
12.3, Liverpool, Open Circuit Festival; Pixel Ensemble; NP
16.4, Basel, Ackermannshof; Soyuz21 (Sascha Armbruster, sax ; Mats Scheidegger, guit; Julien Mégroz, perc; Philipp Meier, pf; Isaï Angst, electronics) - monographic concert
18.4, Zürich, Kunstraum Walcheturm; Soyuz21 - monographic concert
19.4, Gent, Myry Zaal; Game
15.6, Graz; Soyuz21 - monographic concert

UNRISEN for smart quintet
6.4, Perugia, Teatro Morlacchi; Quartetto Prometeo; Mariangela Vacatello (pf);

Quattro nudi for electric guitar
16.4, Basel; 18.4, Zürich;15.6, Graz; Mats Scheidegger (guit) - monographic concert
16.6, Florence, Villa Romana Festival; Magnus Andersson (guit)

Almost Close for piano and electronics
21.9, Wettingen; 22.9, Luzern; 2.10, Basel; 3.10, Zürich; Philipp Meier (pf); Isaï Angst (electronics)

Almost Nowhen for 16 musicians
11.6, Milan, Rondò; Ulysses Ensemble; Sandro Gorli (cond); WP

UNSTILL for cello and piano
30.9, Strasbourg, MUSICA; Francesco Dillon (vc); Emanuele Torquati (pf); WP - 3.10, New York, Columbia University; NP

Photo by Marc Doradzillo