Nikolaus Brass: WP of Die Vorübergehenden

Nikolaus Brass: WP of Die Vorübergehenden

Nikolaus Brass’ new opera Die Vorübergehenden (The Passers-By) was commissioned by the Bavarian State Opera and given its premiere at the Munich Opera Festival. The libretto, dealing with a protagonist plagued by self-doubt and alienation, was written by the composer incorporating texts by Tomas Tranströmer, Rose Ausländer and Mahmoud Darwish. The production, directed by Ludger Engels and conducted by Marie Jacquot, featured a top-flight ensemble of soloists headed by Sarah Maria Sun, Nikolay Borchev and Vasily Khoroshev.

Press quotes

»Scored for 18 players, the work is through-composed in precise detail except for one improvisatory passage in which the scenic structure also dissolves. Singing and instruments are woven into a highly expressive fabric which largely follows its own musical logic.«
FAZ, 17.07.2018

»What transpires in this hour and a half is quite an experience, both musically and theatrically.« 
BR, 14.07.2018

»Rage, grief, exhaustion, devotion, love, despair – Brass casts every human emotion in sound.«
DFK, 17.07.2018

Brass die Voruebergehenden
Brass die Voruebergehenden Picture of Die Voruebergehenden by Nikolaus Brass
Die Vorübergehenden, Munich 2018

Die Vorübergehenden (2017)

Oper in 2 Teilen und einem Epilog von Nikolaus Brass. Libretto unter Verwendung von Gedichten von Tomas Tranströmer, Rose Ausländer und Mahmoud Darwish von Nikolaus Brass.
S.A.Ct.2T.2Bar - Chr - Child - - - 2perc - acc - - video - tape
Duration: 120’


Photos: Wilfried Hösl