The Red Book

The Red Book

One of our missions as a publisher is to help our customers discover the single composition among myriad choices that will fit their specific and unique programming needs. Certainly, formal aspects like era, duration, and instrumentation are important. But the background and the meaning of a work could elicit a magical response from the audience.

In The Red Book we have compiled more than 600 works and grouped them under 23 topics. You can either look-up specific topics, or you can just get inspired by our topics, as well as by the titles and composers. 

Find what you never expected.

The Red Book is only available as a print version in limited stock, so make sure to order your free copy now while supply lasts.

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The Red Book – facts and figures

  • 23 topics
  • 23 recent art works by contemporary artists
  • 260 composers
  • more than 600 works
  • more than 27,700 minutes or 460 hours of music

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Photos: Jascha Zube