Silvia Colasanti:

Silvia Colasanti: "Il sole, di chi è?"

In March 2009, Sylvia Colasanti's Il sole, di chi è? (Whose Sun Is It Anyway?), an opera for young audiences on a text by Roberto Piumini, had its world premiere in Cremona at the Teatro Ponchielli. The opera was originally scored for chamber ensemble. Over the past decade, the composer has created two further versions. One of them, for small orchestra with children’s choir, was to have its premiere in March 2020 at the Teatro Politeama Garibaldi in Palermo under the baton of Salvatore Percacciolo, but unfortunately, owing to the current situation, this has had to be postponed.

Il sole, di chi è? (2008)

opera for young audiences 
based on a text by Roberto Piumini
for 5 actors/singers and ensemble
Original version: 1 actor/singer, 1 actress/singer, 2 actors,1 actress - fl. cl. hn.
World premiere: 05.03.2009, Cremona, Teatro Ponchielli
Duration: 60’


An arrogant big lizard drives the little lizards out of a nice spot in the sun. The little ones aren’t strong enough to confront the bully themselves and don't know what to do, so they seek help from their friends, a mouse and a frog. In the end – as it ought to be in real life, not just in opera – kindness triumphs.

Watch the excerpt of Il sole, di chi è?

Composer's note

I really love composing for young audiences and, as always, this definitely influenced the writing of Sole. I believe it’s necessary for a composer to be mindful of his/her addressees, the end-users of his/her music: not to relinquish his/her own nature and ideas, but to communicate them in an even clearer way. In the case of children, this absolutely does not mean making “easier” aesthetic choices. On the contrary, it’s perhaps precisely the very young who are more receptive to contemporary language as simply the language of their own time.
—Silvia Colasanti

Photo: Luca Piva