How to peruse our scores

How to peruse our scores

Unsure whether a work suits your program, ensemble, or venue? Then take a look inside the full score! If the performance material (score and parts) is for sale (rule of thumb: less than six instruments), you need to buy the score from your local dealer or online.  If you are looking for rental material (rule of thumb: six or more instruments), you can either peruse the score digitally or order a printed version. 

Printed scores for perusal from Ricordi (Berlin, London, Milan) can be ordered by your library. Please contact our hire department or our local agents. Shipping costs will apply, and scores have to be returned.

How to browse our music digitally 

Many of our works are available on the following digital platforms – nkoda, newzik, and issuu. Here is a brief description of each service provider.

nkoda – Spotify for sheet music 

As a sheet music subscription service, nkoda offers customers easy and quick access to high-quality scores via its app – to be performed right off your digital note stand, such as a tablet. You can personalize your account, save favorite pieces, annotate the scores, and collaborate with other users. In addition to these features, nkoda is available in multiple languages and provides access to your personalized library even if you are offline. In order to peruse the scores, you need to download the app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Subscription fee applies. Find out more about nkoda’s other features in our article.

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Newzik – professional sheet music toolbox

Newzik is a user-friendly app for professionals and music enthusiasts. The app allows users to import scores and parts in any digital format (PDF, TXT, or MusicXML), add different media, including YouTube-videos, annotate the pieces, and rearrange single pages or different parts of the score. Alongside providing sheet music of exemplary quality, Newzik offers a special mode to help performers focus exclusively on the music on stage. The Newzik app is available on the App Store and can only be installed on iPads. Subscription fee applies (for premium app only).

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Issuu – for a quick look inside

Issuu is a free digital platform, accessible through your browser or an app for your mobile. An account is not necessary unless you want to create your own stacks, follow publishers, and share your favorites with other users. Issuu is perfect for checking instrumentation and to get an idea of the score. For a deeper review, we recommend Newzik or nkoda.

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