Nono: 1924-1990

Nono: 1924-1990

Thirty years have passed since Luigi Nono’s untimely death on May 8, 1990.
Since then, his music continues to be played and promoted by major musical institutions internationally. 

Casa Ricordi had a special relationship with Luigi Nono, which goes back the 1970s when we began publishing his works. The catalogue includes works like Al gran sole carico d’amore and Prometeo.Tragedia dell’ascolto, as well as his compositions featuring live electronics, which were born during a period of experimentation when Nono spent time at Heinrich Strobel Stiftung’s Experimentalstudio at SWR in Freiburg.
That special relationship continued when, in the early 1990s, Casa Ricordi came out with a new edition of scores by Luigi Nono which include the use of live electronics. That edition aimed at reconstructing and making available for performers Nono’s technical indications regarding vocal parts, instruments and electronics, vital for the performance of those pieces. It also took into account material from the Luigi Nono Archives, as well as information from artists who worked closely with Nono. 

To date, a new edition containing nearly all of Nono’s compositions featuring live electronics, edited by André Richard and Marco Mazzolini, has appeared. Their most recent work is a new edition of Prometeo, which was used for a performance in Parma in May 2017, later released on a double CD by Stradivarius.
The score for Prometeo.Tragedia dell’ascolto will be going on sale by the end of 2020.
Look forward to these upcoming works by Nono as well: Guai ai gelidi mostri and 1°) Caminantes… Ayacucho.

A key factor in helping us bring Luigi Nono’s music to the world has been Casa Ricordi’s collaboration with the University of Udine’s MIRAGE, which focuses on the digitalization of Nono’s music for tape, for conservation purposes, and in some cases with restoration interventions. 

See the documentary HOME MOVIES by Serena Nono, which the Nono Archives Foundation, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the death of Luigi Nono, the Venetian composer, will be making available for free viewing May 8-18. 

Casa Ricordi’s Luigi Nono catalogue includes: 

A Pierre. Dell’azzurro silenzio, inquietum
a più cori, for db flute, db clarinet and live electronics (1985)

Como una ola de fuerza y luz
for soprano, piano, orchestra and tape (1971-1972)
Text by Julio Huasi

Das atmende Klarsein
For small chorus, bass flute, live electronics and tape (1981)
Text edited by Massimo Cacciari (after R.M. Rilke, Duineser Elegien, antichi inni orfici)

La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura
Madrigale per più “caminantes” con Gidon Kremer, for violin and eight tapes (version KOE 232, 1988-1989)

Omaggio a György Kurtág
for contralto, flute, clarinet, tuba and live electronics (1983-1986)

Per Bastiana Tai-Yang Cheng (L’Oriente è rosso)
for tape  'a due canali' and three instrumental groups (1967)

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Photo: Grazia Lissi