Joshua Tree by Haas: WP at Musica Strasbourg

Joshua Tree by Haas: WP at Musica Strasbourg

Joshua Tree, Georg Friedrich Haas’ new work for orchestra, will be premiered on 19 September 2020 at Musica Festival Strasbourg. Commissioned by Kölner Philharmonie and Festival Musica, it will be performed by Basel Sinfonietta and conducted by Baldur Brönnimann. Special recognition should be given to the Kölner Philharmonie, who offered the world premiere to the Festival Musica after the cancellation of their concert in Cologne.

One week before, another new work by Haas will ceremoniously introduce a concert by the Gürzenich Orchestra: His fanfare hope. will be premiered on 13 September 2020. With this and other commissions, among others to Olga Neuwirth and Enno Poppe, the orchestra wishes to send a sign of new beginnings and hope under the title "Fanfares for a new Beginning".

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park, California

Joshua Tree (2019)

for orchestra - - 3perc - hp - pf -
20 min.
WP: 19.09.2020, Strasbourg

Composer's note

Inspired by the slow and progressive mutation of the starry night, this orchestral work was composed during a stay in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, one of the most beautiful places in the world to look at the vault of heaven. "When you look at the sky with the naked eye," says Georg Friedrich Haas, "you can't help but stare at groups of stars and take pictures of them. But when you hold a telescope, you see so many points of light that it is impossible to recognize structures. It's all about density and imperceptible movement. It is this phenomenon that I wanted to implement." 


Photo: João Messias / Casa da Música (Brönnimann), Joshua Tree National Park/flickr