Stroppa: new recording of Miniature Estrose for piano

Stroppa: new recording of Miniature Estrose for piano

Fifteen years after the first recording, new CD release for Marco Stroppa's Miniature Estrose, performed by pianist Erik Bertsch for Kairos.

«The First Book of Miniature Estrose by Marco Stroppa is a work that revolutionised my relationship with the piano. […] Thanks to the use of countless tremolos, trills and repeated notes and various approaches to striking the keys, along with a highly refined use of the sustain pedal, the performer has the chance to interact with the full spectrum of resonances, modifying their intensity and duration, thus allowing for the construction and sculpting of the sound over time, and demanding profound dedication to the listening process from the pianist».

Erik Bertsch, booklet's excerpt



Miniature Estrose 

«“Miniature” as it is used here does not so much refer to a piece that is brief as it does to one that is fashioned in great detail, like the elaborately decorated initials of medieval illuminated manuscripts or some of the miniatures from India. “Estrose” is an untranslatable word with various shades of meaning, having to do with imagination, creative intuition, inspiration and genius, but also extravagance and eccentricity. Suffice it to say that Antonio Vivaldi chose this same word for his L’Estro Armonico».

Marco Stroppa

Peruse the score on Nkoda


Photo: Marco Stroppa and Erik Bertsch / Giovanni Daniotti