Franceschini: new opera Dorian Gray

Franceschini: new opera Dorian Gray

After the success of the music theatre productions of AlicePoucette and Zazie, Italian eclectic composer Matteo Franceschini brings on stage Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray as subject for his new opera commissioned by Fondazione Haydn di Bolzano e Trento. Together with Stefano Simone Pintor, who is entrusted with libretto and stage direction, the focus of the opera is Wilde's reflection on the drifts of a humanity of which Dorian Gray himself is a mirror into the present day, in a fragmented and fluid contemporary society invested by a profound crisis of values.

The result is a choral work, in which each character (and, with them, the viewer) projects their most unspeakable and hidden demons and desires into Dorian Gray, who thus becomes their living portrait. Through a serial narrative language, a plurality of voices and events intertwine revolving around the same tale, retraced each time in a different way and through a multitude of points of view.

World Premiere: 16-17 March 2024, Bolzano (Italy)
Duration: 90'

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