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La boheme autograph

Steps to achieve best results:

1. Narrow the search results by selecting composer name, performance dates, and/or length of piece.

2. Click search.

3. To further filter your search results, click on filter options under ‘Genre’, ‘Scoring’, and ‘Detail’. As you click a filter, the results will be updated automatically.

4. To clear search results and begin again, click ‘Clear Search’ which will remove all search terms and filters.

Important notes:

1. The general search field at the top of the page is not intended to be used as a keyword search and is best used for composer names and/or titles of works.

2. The general search field literal, so you must use correct spelling to return desired results. eg. Typing ‘Haas’ into the search bar will NOT return works by ‘Haase’.)

3. Once you have selected the Genre, Scoring and Detail filters, you cannot go back and use the search fields above – this will clear your selected filters. 

For example: if you wish to find all the works for trombone by Donatoni: 

 - First select ‘Donatoni’ from the list of composers.
 - Click search.
 - Then select the ‘trombone’ filter under ‘Detail’.
 - If you first select ‘trombone’, then select ‘Donatoni’ from the composer drop-down, the trombone filter will be cleared when you click ‘Search’ and the results will contain all the works composed by Donatoni.

4. Using the ‘Detail’ filter to select an instrument will show all works in the database for that instrument. At present, our search function does not permit searching for more than one featured instrument at a time.

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