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Navok, Lior

Stage works
Orchestra works
Ensemble works
Vocal music


An unserem Fluss/By our river (2013)
Chamber opera in two acts after an original libretto 
12 singers and chamber orchestra – – hp.pno/cel –
Duration: 93'
World Premiere: 01.05.2015, Frankfurt

Die Wette/The Bet
Chamber opera in two acts after a short story by Chechkov
5 singers and chamber orchestra – – hp.pno/cel – 
Duration: 90'

The Adventures of Pinocchio (2008/09)
a musical story in two acts
for 3 narrators (F,M,M), fl, ob, clar, hrn, bn, pno (or chamber orchestra) 
Duration: 61'
World Premiere: 19.09.2010
The Little Mermaid (2006)  
For narrator, 2 pno, fl, clar, perc, string quintet or string orchestra
Duration: 36'
World Premiere: 28.07.2007, Neuberg


Light Paths (2016)
for symphony orchestra
3.2.EH.2.Bass-clar – – hp.pno/cel – perc(3) – strgs  
Duration: 23’
World Premiere: 18.11.2017, Tel Aviv

Guitar Concerto (2010)
for guitar and chamber orchestra – – hp.cel - perc.timp – strgs 
Duration: 24’
World Premiere: 16.10.2010, Beer Sheva, Israel

Between two Coasts (2009)
for string orchestra 
Duration: 14’
World Premiere: 18.03.2010, Ingolstadt

Aurora Borealis (2008)
for accordion, harp, percussion and strings
Duration: 12’
World Premiere: 16.10.2008, Ingolstadt

…of weaving the shadowed waves (2003)
for two marimbas and chamber orchestra – –
Duration: 8’
World Premiere: 09.11.2003, New York

Symphonic Bagatelles (2000)
for symphony orchestra 
3.2.EH.2.Bass-clar – – hp.pno/cel – perc(3) – strgs
Duration: 18’  

The Spanish Songs (1998)
texts by Antonio Machado
for soprano, bassoon and chamber orchestra
2clar.hp.cel.perc. -
Duration: 11’
World Premiere: 1998, Boston

First – Fruits (a symphonic prelude) (1997)
for symphony orchestra
3.2.EH.2.Bass-clar – – hp.pno – perc(3) – strgs  
Duration: 12’
World Premiere: 08.12.1999, Boston

Clarinet Concerto (1996)
for clarinet and chamber orchestra – – perc(2) – strgs 
Duration: 22’
World Premiere: 28.05.2003, Hanover

ENSEMBLE WORKS (6 instruments and more)

Tetris (2009)
for double woodwind quintet 
Duration: 18’
World Premiere: 06.09.2011

Gleams from the Bosom of Darkness
for chorus and large wind ensemble
Duration: 11’
World Premiere: 29.04.2005, Boston

Elegy to the Future 
for six players
piccolo/alto flute; clarinet; violin; cello; percussion; piano
fl, cl, perc, pno, vl, vc 
Duration: 13’
World Premiere: 24.02.2001, Boston

Sextet (1998)
flute/piccolo/bass flute; clarinet/bass clarinet; violin; cello; percussion and piano
fl, cl, perc, pno, vl, vc 
Duration: 22‘
World Premiere: 16.02.1999, Boston

Three Episodes for Chamber Ensemble
fl, ob, clar, bn perc, pno, vl, vla, vc, db
Duration: 12’
World Premiere: 1997, Boston 

After a Tango
3rec, clar, tpt, tbn, guit, perc, vl, db
Duration: 16’
World Premiere: 25.03.1996, Jerusalem, Israel



And the trains kept coming… (2007) 
slavery documents No. 3
2 narrator, T, B-B, boy-S, chorus and orchestra – – hp.pno/cel – perc(3) – strgs 
Duration: 44’
World Premiere: 18.01.2008, Boston

Found in a Train Station (2007)
S, mand, cl, vl, vc, pno
Duration: 12’
World Premiere: 26.01.2008, Modena, Italy

Nocturne (1999)
for 12 singers (SATB), S-Sax, clar, hp, git, perc 
Duration: 9’
World Premiere: 08.03.2000, Boston

Meditations over shore (1998)
SATB, chorus, harmonica, percussion (2), pno
Duration: 14’
World Premiere: 22.04.1998, Boston

It is Winter that we Dream of Spring (1997)
for mixed chamber chorus
Duration: 4’
World Premiere: 18.01.2003, Gent, Belgium

Bestiarius (The book of monsters and creatures) (1995)
Mezzo sop. / Alto, fl, clar, bn, vl, 2perc, hpchd
Duration: 11’
World Premiere: 07.07.1996, Jerusalem, Israel

Three Songs (1994)
For mixed chamber chorus (SATB)
Duration: 10’

The music of composer Lior Navok has reached the ears of worldwide audience in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Berlin Philharmonie, Sydney Opera House, Oper Frankfurt, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Staatsoper Berlin, Nuernberg Opera, among others.
Curious to explore and collaborate with unique individuals, he writes challenging, yet communicative music. His passion for the stage has brought the birth of two operas: The Bet – based on a short story by Anton Chekhov and An Unserem Fluss (By Our River). The latter was commissioned by Oper Frankfurt. Navok enjoys expanding the repertoire of symphonic, chamber and choral music, collaborating with orchestras and soloists worldwide. The 2017/18 season saw already the birth of three new compositions, including Dripping Minutes- Frozen Years, dedicated to violist Tabea Zimmermann, Shimmer - for worldwide collective of pianists, as well as Signals for percussion ensemble and piano. It also includes the premiere of Light Paths, commissioned by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. 
As an Israeli contemporary music composer, he has reflected on the holocaust through his oratorio And the trains kept coming... – commissioned by Boston’s Cantata Singers. A special moment for this oratorio was the German premiere that took place at the Nürnberg Opera.
As pianist and founding member of the Butterfly Effect Ensemble, he performs live-composition using a wide array of instruments and techniques. The ensemble specializes in creating live scores for silent films, covering the days of the silent-film era up to 1929.
Navok’s passion for the children’s world brought the creation of The Little Mermaid – after Andersen and The Adventures Of Pinocchio – based on Collodi. These works were already translated to many languages including German, French, Hebrew, Spanish and Korean.
Partial list of awards and fellowships include: Koussevitzky Music Foundation, Fromm Music Foundation, Lili Boulanger Memorial Fund Award, Israel Prime Minster Award [2002, 2010], America-Israel Cultural Foundation, ACUM, Tanglewood Music Center, Cité Internationale des Arts, Aspen Music Festival and the MacDowell Colony. Navok has released highly acclaimed CDs, described as “Dreamy and utterly gorgeous” (American Record Guide.)