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Ricordi Berlin is looking for young composers

After the great success of the first edition, Ricordi Berlin decided to continue its program to collaborate with young composers. Ricordilab will provide the opportunity for emerging composers to participate in a three-year collaboration with our publishing house from 2019 to 2022. Ricordi Berlin will publish selected works and provide international promotion for the successful applicants and will also support the laureates with expertise in the music business. We are looking for composers from various musical backgrounds with promising and unique compositional voices to enrich Ricordi Berlin’s roster. Works for stage are highly welcome. 

Backed by our international associated partners, we are looking forward to supporting the career of the laureates. The associated partners agreed to feature more than one laureate more than once until the end of season 2022. Our new partners are: Bamberg Symphony, Festival Eight Bridges | Music for Cologne, International Music Festival Heidelberger Frühling, huddersfield contemporary music festival, Taiwan Philharmonic, and Campus Grafenegg. If a laureate with stage works is selected, Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden offers a traineeship for several weeks in one of their productions and the option for a commission for a new work for Semper Zwei. Semper Zwei is the small stage of Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden, specializing in experiential and contemporary stage works.

An advisory board of internationally renowned experts will consult us in the selection process. 

Find here all information about the first edition of ricordilab.

Advisory Board

Hervé Boutry Consultant, former director of Ensemble intercontemporain 
Enrique Mazzola 
Artistic and Music Director of the Orchestre National d’Île de France and principal guest conductor of Deutsche Oper Berlin 
Younghi Pagh-Paan Composer 
Costa Pilavachi Former Senior Vice-President of Universal Music 
Ilona Schmiel
Executive and Artistic Director of the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich
Melissa Smey Executive Director of Miller Theatre, New York

Please refrain from contacting members of the advisory board.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants must be born after August 31st, 1979
  • Applicants must submit 3 works (if applying with stage works: 4 works)
    • Each work has been performed or commissioned by at least one professional ensemble/orchestra
    • The work is not published yet
    • A recording (not necessarily commercial) of each work is required
    • Scores and parts need to be engraved with Finale or Sibelius
    • If applying with stage works, at least one of the works must be written for voice(s) with ensemble/orchestra
  • The works must be for the following instrumentation:
    • One work for ensemble (6-12 musicians)
    • One work for large ensemble (12 – 18 musicians)
    • One symphonic work (more than 18 musicians)
    • One work for stage (ad libitum)

Online application

Applicants should submit the following mandatory materials:
  • Completed online form
  • Complete list of works (with details of year, title, subtitle, duration, instrumentation, date/place and ensemble of the world premiere, program note, publisher if relevant)
  • Scores (pdf):
    • One work for ensemble (6-12 musicians)
    • One work for large ensemble (12-18 musicians)
    • One symphonic work (more than 18 musicians)
  • If applying with stage works (ad libitum):
    • In addition to the scores mentioned above: One work for stage
    • One of the other submitted works must be written for voice(s) with ensemble/orchestra
  • Recordings of the submitted works (mp3)
  • CV (in English, maximum 3,500 characters including spaces)
  • List of upcoming performances and commissions
  • Press quotes (in English, extracts preferred)

Benefits provided to successful applicants

  • Publication of selected works
  • Legal handling (collecting societies, royalties, licensing, accounting)
  • Production and distribution of published works
  • International promotion (personal meetings with our clients, print publication, press activities, website, newsletter, social media)
  • Team members of Ricordi Berlin will actively consult the laureates regarding the development of their careers