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Newski, Sergej

Stage works
Orchestra works
Ensemble works
Chamber music
Vocal music
Solo works


Franziskus • [2008-2012] 
Chamber opera in four scenes after the play „Heiliger Franz” by Claudius Luenstedt
For solos, mixed choir and big ensemble 
German version: Claudius Lünstedt; Russian version: Sergej Newski
Spea (Franziskus I). Ct (Franziskus II) S (Hl. Clara/woman).
3 Spea. / Choir SATB (4. 4. 4. 4.) / 2 (2 Picc). 1 (Eng.Hn). 2. Asax. Tsax. 0. / 1. 1. 2. 0. / 4 Perc. Acc. Pno. / 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.
World Premiere: Moscow, 12.9.2012
Duration: 60’
Sy. 3872 // Score/ Choir-P. / Vx.

Robert S. • [2010/11]
Music theatre in five acts 
For five soloists, chamber ensemble and feeds 
S (mother). Ct (Eusebius). T (father). Bar (Florestan). Sch (Robert).
1 (Picc). 1. 1 (B.Cl). 1 (CBn). / 0. 0. 1. 0. / 2 Perc. Pno. / 1. 1. 1. 2. 1. / Carr.
World Premiere: 29.10.2011, Bonn
Duration: full-length 
Sy. 4038 / *Libr.

Autland • [2008/09]  
For six soloists and mixed chamber choir 
I. Chaos; II. Präludium „Die Menschen müssen sich füreinander interessieren” (Pismenski); III. Canon 1 „Sonntag der Irren und Pfleger im Winter” (Eigner); IV. Toccata „Die Menschen fliegen” (Charitonow); V. Canon 2: Johannes Ockeghem: Deo gratias; VI. Canon 3 „Wir lieben den Tod” (Zürn); VII. Notturno „Ufersgrünes Hoffen” (Rohde); VIII. Final 1 „Ich weiss nicht, wie man die Liebe macht” (Zuern); IX. Final 2 „Ernste kleine Warnung” (Eigner)
Gerd Peter Eigner, Unica Zürn, Katja Rohde, Anton Charitonow and Artjom Pismenski
S. Ms. A. T. Bar. B.
Choir SATB (4. 5. 5. 5.)
All vocal movements can be performed separately and in concert.
World Premiere: Bochum, 2.10.2009
Duration: 56’
Sy. 3907 // Choir-P. / Vx.


Cloud Ground • [2015]
for violine and orchestra
Solo: vl - - - -
World Premiere: 7.2.2016
Duration: 18’
SY 4403

ENSEMBLE WORKS (6 instruments and more)

Rules of Love • [2012/13] 
For soprano, deep alto and five instrumentalists 
Text: Russian love stories by anonymous authors from the 1980s, taken from the book „Handgeschriebene Mädchenerzählung”, collected and edited by Sergey Borisov; as well as fragments from  „Roman mit Kokain” by Michail Ageev, 1934
I. Introduction; II. Ne ljubit / He loves me not; III. Ljubit / He loves me; IV. Tochno ljubit / Sure, he loves me 3 / Happy End; V. Intermezzo (Aeol); VI. Ljubit 2 / He loves Me 2; VII. Sovsem ne ljubit / He loves me definitely not; VIII. Choral
S. deep A.
Fl (Afl. Picc). Vc. Acc. Perc. Pno.
World Premiere: 5.5.2013, Bodø
Duration: 32’
Sy. 4258 // Score/ Vx.

Opening Gesture • [2011]
For violin solo, five percussionists and chamber orchestra
Vl. 5 Perc.
1. 1. 1. 0. / 0. 1. 3. 0. / Str.
World Premiere: Moscow, 15.9.2011
Duration: 5’
Sy. 4198 // Score/ Vx.

Arbeitsfläche • [2011]  
For percussion solo, piano solo, tuba solo and three instrumentalists 
Perc. Pno. Tb.
Hr. Vla. Cb.
World Premiere: Donaueschingen, 15.10.2011
Duration: 12’
Sy. 4178 // Score/ Vx.

Alles • [2008]
For speaker and eight instrumentalists 
Text: Gerd Peter Eigner
Fl (Picc). B.Cl. Ps. Pno. Perc. Vl. Vla. Vc.
World Premiere: St. Petersburg, 29.3.2008
Duration: 8’
Sy. 3870 // *Score/ Vx.

Blick aus der Entfernung • [2006]
For voice and ensemble 
Text: Thomas von Celano
1. 1. 1. 0. / 1. 0. 1. 0. / 2 Perc. Pno. / 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.
World Premiere: Moscow, 18.10.2006
Duration: 12’
Sy. 3850 // Score/ Vx.

Fluss • [2003/05]
For voice and ensemble 
Text: Harmony Korine
2. 1. 1. 1. / 1. 1. 1. 0. / 2 Perc. Pno. / 0. 0. 2. 2. 1.
World Premiere: Vienna, 29.4.2005
Duration: 12’
Sy. 3851 // *Score/ Vx.

Figuren im Gras • [2001]
For seven instrumentalists 
Fl. Ob. Bn. Tbn. Pno. Vla. Vc.
World Premiere: Basel, 21.11.2001
Duration: 11’
Sy. 3852 // Score/ Vx.

Figuren im Gras • [2001]
Version for bass clarinet and baritone saxophone 
Fl. Ob. B.Cl. Barsax. Pno. Vla. Vc.
World Premiere: Berlin, 9.11.2002
Duration: 11’
Sy. 4009 // *Score/ Vx.

„J‘étais d‘accord...” • [2000]
For voice, chamber ensemble and electronic feeds 
Text: Phonems
Fl. Sax. Vl. Vla. 2 Perc. Pno. Acc. tape (4-channel).
World Premiere: Vienna, 30.11.2002
Duration: 8’
Sy. 3853 // Score/ Vx. / Carr.

Canto quarto • [1998]
For five voices and six instrumentalists 
Text: Dante Alighieri
S. S. A. T. B.
Fl. 2 Perc. Vl. Vla. Vc.
World Premiere: Berlin, 8.11.1998
Duration: 8’
Sy. 3854 // Score/ Vx.


Elliptic Glide • [2015]
for flute and accordion
World premiere: Hannover, 20.09.2015
Duration: 13’
Sy. 4434/01

Wut  • [2013]
for flute, cello, percussion and piano
World premiere: 17.10.2013
Sy. 4373

Tcas • [2011/12]
For violin and five strings 
2 Vl. 2 Vla. 2 Vc.
World Premiere: Moscow, 27.2.2012
Duration: 8’
Sy. 4218 // Score/ Vx.

channel surfing • [2010]
for alto saxophone, accordion and double bass 
Asax. Acc. D.B.
Alternative versions with violoncello instead of double bass / guitar instead of alto saxophone on request 
World Premiere: Oslo, 3.12.2010
Duration: 15’
Sy. 4130 // *Score

für F. G. • [2010]
for accordion, piano and double bass
Acc. Pno. D.B.
World Premiere: Zepernick, 4.7.2010
Duration: 4’
Sy. 4113 // Score

Glissade • [2009]
For flute and bass clarinet 
Fl. B.Cl.
World Premiere: Perm, 27.11.2009
Duration: 12’
Sy. 4032 // *Score

String quartet No. 3 • [2009] • Work description
2 Vl. Vla. Vc.
World Premiere: Berlin, 23.11.2009
Duration: 14’
Sy. 3706 // *Score/ *Vx.

Le Greygnour bien • [2008/09]
Improvisation on a ballad by Matteo da Perugia
For percussion solo and violin, violoncello, bass clarinet and piano 
Le greygnour bien (Matteo da Perugia)
Vl. Vc. Sax. Pno.
World Premiere: Moscow, 14.4.2009
Duration: 6’
Sy. 3813 // *Score/ *Vx.

Altérations • [2007]
For alto saxophone, trumpet, percussion and violoncello 
Asax. Tr. Perc. Vc.
World Premiere: Munich, 2.12.2008
Duration: 10’
Sy. 3857 // *Score/ *Vx.

Blindenalphabet • [2007]  
Version for bass clarinet, viola, percussion and accordion 
B.Cl. Vla. Perc. Acc.
Version for English horn, viola, percussion and accordion on request
World Premiere: St. Petersburg, 29.4.2007
Duration: 8’
Sy. 3858 // Score/ Vx.

Blindenalphabet • [2007]  
Version for bass flute, violoncello, percussion and accordion 
Bfl. Vc. Perc. Acc.
Version for English horn, viola, percussion and accordion on request
World Premiere: Kiel, 9.2.2008
Duration: 8’
Sy. 3859 // Score/ Vx.

Blindenalphabet • [2007]  
Version for bass clarinet, violoncello, percussion and accordion 
B.Cl. Vc. Perc. Acc.
Version for English horn, viola, percussion and accordion on request.
World Premiere: Berlin, 22.3.2009
Duration: 8’
Sy. 3860 // *Score/ *Vx.

Und dass der Tod nicht fern bleibt • [2005]
For speaker and string quartet 
Text: Michael Lentz
2 Vl. Vla. Vc.
World Premiere: Berlin, 29.6.2005
Duration: 10’
Sy. 3861 // *Score/ *Vx.

Folia • [2004]
For accordion and double bass 
Acc. D.B.
Versions for accordion and violoncello / accordion and viola on request
World Premiere: Saarbrücken, 22.5.2004
Duration: 16’
Sy. 3862 // *Score

Bastelmusik 1 - 2 • [2003/04]
For violin, percussion, saxophone and piano 
Vl. Perc. Sax. Pno.
Both parts can be performed separately 
World Premiere: Berlin, 12.10.2003
Duration: 20’
Sy. 3863 // *Score

Allegro hemmungsloso • [2001]
For oboe, violoncello and piano 
Ob. Vc. Pno.
World Premiere: Berlin, 28.4.2001
Duration: 2’
Sy. 4046 // Score

Fotografie und Berührung • [2000]
For string quartet 
2 Vl. Vla. Vc.
World Premiere: Berlin, 28.1.2001
Duration: 10’
Sy. 3864 // *Score/ *Vx.

Rift • [1999/2005]
Version for bass clarinet, violin and piano 
B.Cl. Vl. Pno.
World Premiere: Eindhoven, 20.10.2005
Duration: 7’
Sy. 3865 // Score/ Vx.

Rift • [1999/2004]
Version for tenor saxophone, viola and piano 
Tsax. Vla. Pno.
World Premiere: New York, 17.3.2007
Duration: 7’
Sy. 3866 // Score/ Vx.


Island • [2011]
Three pieces for mixed choir, accordion and percussion 
after „Die Nibelungen” by Christian Friedrich Hebbel
Text: from „Edda”
Choir SATB / Acc. Perc.
World Premiere: Ludwigsburg, 15.9.2011
Duration: 30’
Sy. 4176 // Score/ Choir-P.

Dolze mio drudo • [2010]
Scenic cantata for five voices, three bras groups and noise instruments 
Text: Friedrich II.
I. Prozession; II. Madrigal; III. Postludium
(the three groups A - C in prelude include: A: 3 Picc.; B: 3 Tr.; C: 2 Cl. 2 Hp. 4 Tbn. Eu. T.)
S. Ms. T. Bar. B.
3 Picc. 2 Cl. 2 Hp. 3 Tr. 4 Tbn. Eu. T. 2 Perc.
The vocal movement can also be performed separately. See „Dolze mio drudo. Madrigal für fünf Stimmen”, Sy. 4045
World Premiere: Göppingen, 3.10.2010
Duration: 22’
Sy. 4044 // *Score/ Vx.

Dolze mio drudo • [2010]
Madrigal for five voices and four trombones ad libitum
Text: Friedrich II.
S. Ms. T. Bar. B. 4 Tbn (ad lib).
The Madrigal „Dolze mio drudo” is part of „Dolze mio drudo” for five voices, three brass groups and acoustic noise instruments, see Sy. 4044
World Premiere: Göppingen, 3.10.2010
Duration: 9’
Sy. 4045 // Score

„Vray dieu d’amours” • [2007]
For bass and alto voice 
Text: Matthäus Pipelare
B. A.
There is also a version for countertenor and bass
World Premiere: Amsterdam, 4.9.2007
Duration: 12’
Sy. 3855 // Score

„Was fliehen Hase und Igel...” • [2004]
For six voices 
Text: Einar Schleef
S. Ms. A (or Ct). T. Bar. B.
World Premiere: Berlin, 15.1.2005
Duration: 20’
Sy. 3856 // Score

Generator • [2001-02]
For four vocalists 
World Premiere: Forbach, 9.11.2002
Duration: 14’
Sy. 4132 // Score

Pesnya • [1999]
For voice solo 
Text: Phonems
Material on request
World Premiere: Rheinsberg, 2.3.2000
Duration: 7’
Sy. 3868 // Score


Mechanica • [2012]
For accordion 
World Premiere: Särestöniemi (FI), 9.6.2012
Duration: 10’
Sy. 4300 // Score

Rost • [2009/10]
For violoncello and live-electronic 
Vc. Live-El.
Live-Electronic: Boris Baltschun
World Premiere: Oslo, 4.3.2010
Duration: 12’
Sy. 4090 // Score/ Live-El.

Rost • [2005/07]
for violoncello solo
Version with live-electronic (in cooperation with Boris Baltschun) available on hire.
World Premiere: Oslo, 4.3.2010
Duration: 18’
Sy. 3867 // *Score

Exploding Rooms • [1998]
for piano solo
World Premiere: Jerusalem, 2.4.1998
Duration: 7’
Sy. 3869 // *Score


(Oct 10, 1972)

Sergej Newski was born in Moscow in 1972. After completing studies in the specialist music school at the State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, specialising in music theory, he studied composition with Jörg Herchet at the Hochschule für Musik in Dresden, and with Friedrich Goldmann at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. There he also studied music theory and pedagogy with Hartmut Fladt. Masterclasses with Vinko Globokar and Matthias Spahlinger, meetings with Helmut Lachenmann, Beat Furrer and Helmut Oehring, and contacts with the free improvisation scene in Berlin have all had a lasting influence on his development as a composer.

Since 1994 his music has been performed at the leading international New Music festivals, including the Donauechingen Festival, Wien Modern, Éclat, the Gaudeamus Music Week, the Berliner Festwochen, the ISCM World New Music Days, the Moscow Territoryfest, and UltraSchall.

He has received commissions from, among others, the Deutsche Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Berlin Konzerthaus, Ruhrtriennale, Klangforum Wien, the Scharoun Ensemble, the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, the SWR, Deutschlandradio, and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. Interpreters of his music include not only Klangforum Wien, the Neue Vokalsolisten and Ensemble Modern, but also the Nieuw Ensemble, Musikfabrik, the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, KNM Berlin, ensemble mosaik, as well as soloists and performers such as Teodoro Anzellotti, Natalia Pschenitschnikowa, Daniel Gloger and Michael Lentz, and conductors like Peter Rundel, Johannes Kalitzke, Jürg Wyttenbach, Titus Engel, Enno Poppe, Teodor Kourentzis und Vladimir Jurowski.

In 2006 Sergej Newski won 1st Prize at the Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart composition competition for his piece Fluss (2005 version). In addition, he has gained various scholarships, including those from the Villa Massimo/Casa Baldi, Villa Serpentara, Künstlerhof Schreyahn, Cité Internationale des Arts Paris, the Berlin Senate and the Akademie der Künste in Berlin. At the music festival in St. Petersburg in April 2008, he also received the audience prize for his composition Alle, for speaker and ensemble. In 2012 a portrait-CD produced by the German Music Council will be issued on the label Wergo.

2012 CD production by the German Music Council for the label WERGO, a.o. with VocaalLab Nederland, VocalConsort Berlin, dem ensemble mosaik, cond. Titus Engel.

Work as a theater composer a.o. at the Moscow Tchechov Artists' Theater (MHT) (together with director Kirill Serebrennikov) and at the Comedie Genève. Dramaturgical work at the Komische Oper Berlin (for Olga Neuwirth's American Lulu).

2011-12 Sergej Newski is music curator for the project Platform, a series of events organized by the Center for Contempoary Art Vinzawod in Moscow, supported by the Russian Cultural Ministry.

2012- guest lecturer for composition at State University of St. Petersburg.

Sergej Newski lives in Berlin.

Photo: Harald Hoffmann