Archivio della Sinfonia Milanese – Critical Editions

Archivio Sinfonia Milanese

Archivio della Sinfonia Milanese
Published by Casa Ricordi with the collaboration of the University of Milan
General Editors:
Cesare Fertonani, Vanni Moretto

The project Archivio della Sinfonia Milanese is intended to collect the symphonic production of eighteenth-century Lombardy, and promote the study, performance and wider circulation of this music. The project is especially directed towards the publication of major works by progressive and European-oriented composers active in the milanese area, giving pride of place to compositions not yet published in our time.

Instrumental music in Lombardy played a major role in the origin and development of the symphony around the middle of the eighteenth century, at a time when Milan had a strong musical identity, and attracted composers from other Italian regions and foreign countries. The flourishing of symphonic culture in Milan led to a growing demand for milanese symphonies throughout Europe, where this music was highly valued. The significance of Lombardy is readily apparent in the contribution that 'Milanese' composers made to the creation of a 'new style' of instrumental music, drawing from a variety of influences and genres, emphasizing formal elaboration (form being a key-notion here), and experimenting with different rhetorical and compositional strategies. The international dissemination of this style was a crucial factor in determining the genetic makeup of the eighteenth-century symphony.

The fundamental aim of Archivio della Sinfonia Milanese is to create critically accurate editions, abiding by clear musicological criteria, and at the same time meeting the practical demands of performance. Each edition is therefore based on the original sources, and it is the result of a critical approach both rigorous and flexible, intended to emphasize the particular qualities of the music, discuss the problems connected with performance practice, and illustrate the work’s documented reception-history and reputation.

Each volume of Archivio della Sinfonia Milanese contains the general preface and the editorial criteria of the series. The musical text of the published compositions is taken from the original sources and provided with a concise, to-the-point critical commentary. An introductory note includes biographical information on the composer, analysis of the historical and stylistic context, and source description – particularly of the main reference source for the work at hand; specific issues of text criticism and performance are discussed. Preface, editorial criteria, introductory note and critical commentary are presented in both Italian and English.

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Critical Editions available

Antonio Brioschi, Dodici sinfonie
Edited by Sarah Mandel-Yehuda (2008)

Niccolò Zingarelli, Sinfonie milanesi
Edited by Davide Daolmi (2009)

Francesco Zappa, Sinfonie
Edited by Jacopo Franzoni (2010)

Francesco Pasquale Ricci, Sinfonie
Edited by Matteo Giuggioli (2017)

Remaining Editorial Plan

Giovanni Battista Sammartini, Sinfonie