The Works of Giuseppe Verdi

A joint publication of The University of Chicago Press and Casa Ricordi

Verdi Critical Editions

General editor:
Philip Gossett (until 2014); Francesco Izzo (since 2014)
Associate General Editor:
Roberta Montemorra Marvin (since 2017)

Full score:
hardbound volumes, 26,5 x 36,7 cm (Historical Introduction in Italian and English)
Critical commentary:
hardbound volumes, 17 x 24 cm (Critical Commentary in Italian or English)
Piano vocal score:
paper bound, 20 x 27 cm (Historical Introduction and critical commentary in Italian and English)

Contemporary performing materials of Verdi's works were often realized under pressing deadlines in order to have a functional text rapidly ready for performance. Thus they were conditioned by an empirical publishing technique which corresponded to then-current expectations of theaters and groups which produced and circulated Verdi's works. Yet even the scores printed in the early 20th century often reproduced an accumulation of arbitrary additions and revisions.

Considering these editions to be absolutely insufficient to meet present-day demand for accuracy in matters of musical philology and performing practice, Casa Ricordi, in joint publication with The University of Chicago Press, has undertaken to publish the works in critical edition, making use of all the available sources, from autographs to sketches, from early manuscript copies to the various editions produced during Verdi's lifetime, to contemporary orchestral parts.

Critical Editions available on sale and for hire

I. Operas

2. Un giorno di regno
Edited by Francesco Izzo (2021)

3. Nabucodonosor
Edited by Roger Parker (1987)

5. Ernani
Edited by Claudio Gallico (1985)

6. I due Foscari
Edited by Andreas Giger (2017)

7. Giovanna d’Arco
Edited by Alberto Rizzuti (2008)

8. Alzira
Edited by Stefano Castelvecchi, Jonathan Cheskin (1994)
Two-volume set: score pp. LXIV, 420 + critical commentary
NR 136941
Piano vocal score available
CP 136944

9. Attila
Edited by Helen M. Greenwald (2012)
Two-volume set: score pp. LXIII, 405 + critical commentary
NR 140092
Piano vocal score available
CP 140095

10. Macbeth
Edited by David Lawton (2005)

11. I Masnadieri
Edited by Roberta Montemorra Marvin (2000)
Two-volume set: score pp. LXXIV, 495 + critical commentary
NR 138561
Piano vocal score available
CP 138564

13. Il Corsaro
Edited by Elizabeth Hudson (1998)
Two-volume set: score pp. LIV, 389 + critical commentary
NR 136994
Piano vocal score available
CP 136997

15. Luisa Miller
Edited by Jeffrey Kallberg (1991)
Two-volume set: score pp. LXIV, 480 + critical commentary
NR 134606
Piano vocal score available
CP 134605

16. Stiffelio
Edited by Kathleen Kuzmick Hansell (2003)
Two-volume set: score pp. XC, 423 + critical commentary
NR 136090
Piano vocal score available
CP 136093

17. Rigoletto
Edited by Martin Chusid (1983)
Two-volume set: score pp. LXX, 347 + critical commentary
NR 133543
Piano vocal score available
CP 133539

18a. Il trovatore
Edited by David Lawton (1992)

19. La traviata
Edited by Fabrizio Della Seta (1996)
Two-volume set: score pp. LXXXVIII, 525 + critical commentary
NR 137338
Piano vocal score available
CP 137341

III. Sacred Music

1. Messa da Requiem
Edited by David Rosen (1990)

IV. Cantatas and Hymns

Edited by Roberta Montemorra Marvin (2007)
One-volume set: score + critical commentary pp. LV,114
NR 139782
Piano vocal score available
CP 140112

V. Chamber Music

Chamber Music
Edited by Gundula Kreuzer (2010)
One-volume set: score + critical commentary pp. XXXVIII, 120
NR 140331

Critical Editions available for hire only

I. Operas

4. I lombardi alla prima crociata
Edited by David R. B. Kimbell (2020)

12. Jerusalem
Edited by Jürgen Selk (2017)
NR 141581

18b. Le Trouvere
Edited by David Lawton (2017)
NR 141771

23. Un ballo in maschera
Edited by Ilaria Narici (2000)
NR 138358

24. La forza del destino
Edited by Philipp Gossett and William Holmes (2005)

Remaining editorial plan

I. Operas

1. Oberto Conte di San Bonifacio
14. La battaglia di Legnano
20. Les Vepres siciliennes
21. Simon Boccanegra (first version, 1857)
22. Aroldo
25. Don Carlos (first version, 1867)
26. Aida
27. Simon Boccanegra (second version, 1881)
28. Don Carlo (second version, 1884)
29. Otello
30. Falstaff

II. Songs


III. Sacred Music

2. Other Sacred Music

VI. Juvenilia


Completions, Arrangements, Dubious Works