Antonio Vivaldi: New Discoveries

Vivaldi Hardbound

The works included in this series represent new, recent additions to the corpus of Vivaldi’s compositions and paint a fascinating and varied picture of the composer’s activity. Some of these works, preserved in anonymous sources, could be attributed to Vivaldi on the basis of thematic and textual correspondences found with other known works of his. Others, however, had been wrongly attributed to other composers. Still others simply emerged in previously inaccessible music collections.

Critical Editions available

Concerto per violino e archi a cinque parti, RV 813
Edited by Federico M. Sardelli (2019)

Concerto per violino e archi, RV 817
Edited by Federico M. Sardelli (2014)

Sonata per violino solo, RV 810
Edited by Federico M. Sardelli (2014)

Sonata per violino, violoncello e basso continuo, RV 820
Edited by Federico M. Sardelli (2015)

Sonate per violino e basso continuo, RV 815, RV 816
Edited by Michael Talbot (2014)

Remaining Editorial Plan

Il Proteo, RV 572