29th Festival Milano Musica

29th Festival Milano Musica

A plea to opening up, listening, risk, and the search for new ways: that’s how the Festival Milano Musica launches the 2020 edition, entitled Caminantes, a tribute to the message that Luigi Nono borrowed from Antonio Machado’s poem, Caminante, No Hay Camino.

Four world premieres from the Casa Ricordi catalogue (Ambrosini, Momi, Stroppa, and Filidei), and two for the French group under UMPC, Durand-Salabert-Eschig (Aperghis, Maresz). There will also be performances of works by Luigi Nono and Franco Donatoni. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Nono’s death, while Donatoni left us 20 years ago. A special mention: a solo recital featuring Maurizio Pollini, master pianist to whom Nono dedicated …sofferte onde serene… for piano and magnetic tape.

Luigi Nono

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Franco Donatoni

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New Commissions

Opening concert Saturday October 17, 2020 at the Pirelli HangarBicocca, under Anselm Kiefer’s Seven Heavenly Palaces. With a sonorous reply to the scenes, it is De Rerum Natura by Claudio Ambrosini, for three percussionists and electronically captured ambient – thanks to microphones placed inside the venue that pick up the reply that the space itself provides, along a path that leads from the vague to the defined; and Vuoi che nel fuori by Marco Momi, featuring his electronic wizardry and the ZAUM_percussion trio.

Pianist Mariangela Vacatello performs at La Scala, where she will be showcasing the latest work by Marco Stroppa, Trois études pour piano, in its definitive version.

In November, look forward to Tre quadri, Francesco Filidei’s concerto for piano and orchestra. On hand will be the Rai National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tito Ceccherini, and featuring Maurizio Baglini at the piano. It also happens at La Scala. That same week, the show hits the road, with performances in Torino and Reggio Emilia. Future performances have been slated for Portugal and Poland.

Claudio Ambrosini, De Rerum Natura (2020)

per tre percussionisti e ambiente elettronicamente rivelato
commissioned by Festival Milano Musica, supported by SIAE – CLASSICI DI OGGI 2018-2019
30 min.

Marco Momi, Vuoi Che Nel Fuori (2020)

for percussion trio and electronics
commissioned by Festival Milano Musica
21 min.

Marco Stroppa, Trois études (2016)

for piano
1. Pour les “cinq sons”, d’après Monsieur Claude
2. Pour les tierces engourdies
3. Pour les huit sons guillerets
commissioned by SACEM, Fondazione Francis, Mica Salabert for Festival Messiaen au pays de La Meije
12 min.

Francesco Filidei, Tre quadri (2020)

Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra
I: November II: Berceuse III: Quasi una bagatella
co-commissioned by Milano Musica, Casa da Música di Porto, International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn”
3 (III anche Ott., II anche Fl. in Sol).2.3 (III Cl.b.).2 (II anche Cfg.). / 4 (con 4 trombette da festa).3.3.1. / Timp., 4 Perc., A., Cel., Fis. / Pf. solista / (con V corda al Do)
37 min.


Photo: HangarBicocca, Percussions de Strasbourg, 2016 / Margherita Busacca