New signing: Daniela Terranova

New signing: Daniela Terranova

We are very glad to welcome Daniela Terranova as new signing of Casa Ricordi, within the family of Universal Music Publishing Classics & Screen.

Daniela Terranova is an Italian composer working in the area of concert music, opera and extended sonic environments. She studied composition in Italy with Azio Corghi and attended academies and masterclasses throughout Europe. Among the most relevant, a postgraduate course in Composition with Beat Furrer at Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Graz and a postgraduate course in electroacoustic composition at the mdw - Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wien.

Her work has been awarded locally and internationally, and her music has been performed at many festivals and concert seasons all over Europe, including performances in Mexico and United States. Her recent work revolves around the sound substance conceived as ‘sonic dramaturgy’, strongly linked to an exploration of the matter the instruments are made of.

This new collaboration with Ricordi starts with her artistic residency at La Toscanini Orchestra in Parma, where two new orchestra works will be premiered in 2024. Further performances will feature chamber music works from the composer's back catalogue.


Daniela Terranova with Orchestra Regionale Toscana

(c) Marco Borrelli


Composer's artistic statement

«I often begin my work by exploring unstable, mutating textures», Daniela Terranova explains. «This provides fertile terrain for compositional choices that go beyond the mere figurative aspect, where the idea is to evoke rather than simply recount, through the use of wide-ranging formal trajectories that allow for the gradual metamorphosis of the initial expressions of sound. Thus, the musical manifestation belongs to an obscure alphabet that provides access to the metaphysical psychology of objects, as I explore the liminal regions of sound, inasmuch as they are heretofore unknown observation points that reveal new and rich semiotic relationships. The articulation of the elements follows an irregular rhythm that outlines a space that is dynamic and free, within which the multiplication of figures gives rise to the exploration of the poetic possibilities by putting the mysteriousness of reality on display. Meaning is not extinguished in enunciation, but, on the contrary, finds new lymph within the fragility of relationships wound together in the performance space. The gestural expressiveness of performers enriches and nourishes my compositional inventiveness, within which the physicality of the gesture is often translated into the choreography of sound. Such exploration allows me to home in on both the abstract nature of an idea and the imagining of a sound, so that gradually they come to take on a form that is almost “organic”. It is through a performer’s gestural expressiveness that sounds may be seen as well as heard, while the physical presence of musical instruments acquires a high degree of symbolic value – as may also be seen, for example, in seventeenth-century still-life paintings – lending new meaning and autonomous esthetic value to the inanimate materials that instruments are made of, thereby personifying, as it were, something that is only apparently inert. Matter takes on symbolic meaning, becoming a synthesis of eternity and transience, a sign that alludes to the inexorable flow of time».

Upcoming world premieres

18 February 2024 | new string orchestra work
Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, conductor Enrico Onofri - Parma (Italy)

Fall 2024 | new symphonic work
Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini - Parma (Italy)


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Photo: ©tassotto&max