FRANCESCA by Lisa Streich at Klangspuren Schwaz

FRANCESCA by Lisa Streich at Klangspuren Schwaz

Shortly after she was named a laureate in the second ricordilab composers’ competition, Lisa Streich’s new work FRANCESCA received its world premiere at the Klangspuren Schwaz festival in a performance by ensemble recherche. Streich was inspired to compose the piece by a fresco in a Roman convent picturing the last moments of Saint Francesca’s life. In quest of the ethereal sounds Francesca might have heard on her way to heaven, the composer brought an elaborately motorized piano on stage to realize her conception of that sonic world.

FRANCESCA (2016–2019)

for ensemble
Duration: 25'
WP: ensemble recherche, 13.09.2019

Composer's note

Maybe we already have our own idea of what a choir of cherubs sounds like. In most cases, it’s an idealized, heavenly, beautiful conception as heard, for example, in Tchaikovsky’s “Cherubic Hymn”. When I looked at Antoniazzo Romano’s frescoes in the convent of Tor de’ Specchi in Rome, I was determined to hear what Santa Francesca Romana herself was hearing on her deathbed and afterwards. What was actually resonating within her – going through the tunnel, on that field of blossoms in the desert envisioned by Isaiah? What were the blooms like for this woman, the patron saint of Rome, women and drivers?
–Lisa Streich

Picture of ensemble recherche
ensemble recherche premieres FRANCESCA

Press quote

Streich obtains sounds that are nearly inaudible, fragile and trancelike, noises that are distantly tonal, triads as well as the most delicate clusters, sensual sound samplings; and the percussionist achingly lashes the whip and strikes the wood blocks. A fascinating rapprochement with the imperceptible.
Tiroler Tageszeitung, 15 September 2019


Photo: Manu Theobald (titel), Klangspuren (ensemble recherche)