Sarah Nemtsov: World premiere of TZIMTZUM

Sarah Nemtsov: World premiere of TZIMTZUM

In November 2023, Sarah Nemtsov's tetralogy TZIMTZUM (2020-2023) for soloist ensemble and orchestra, which takes up Kabbalistic myths of creation, was performed in its entirety for the first time. The WDR Sinfonieorchester, ensemble Nikel and Peter Rundel presented its world premiere at the NOW Festival in Essen, two days after the premiere of the final part, K'lipot, at the Kölner Philharmonie.

In January 2024, Ensemble intercontemporain presents the world premiere of Sarah Nemtsov's Keter, another work dealing with Kabbalistic mysticism.

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I. Reshimot (2020) for soloist ensemble & orchestra [starting at 00:23:00]
II. Sh'virah (2020) for soprano saxophone, e-guitar, keyboard & drumset [starting at 00:39:00]
III. Tikkun (2021) for soloist ensemble ad lib., string orchestra and percussion with tape [starting at 00:50:15]
IV. K'lipot (2023) for soloist ensemble and large orchestra with tape [starting at 01:07:00]

WDR Sinfonieorchester

Composer's note

"Originally, Tikkun, the healing, was supposed to come last. Tikkun ends with a dance. But in light of the current state of the world I felt it was more appropriate to end with K'lipot (in the open), with the bowls and shells. Tikkun (olam) symbolizes hope (utopia? vision?) before K'lipot. Compositionally, I have been able to enter new spaces for myself, especially with the last – and largest – part (K'lipot). Both in the orchestral colors, textures, mixtures, harmonies, but also formally. K'lipot bears an imprint of the large form: broken light, shards, sparks, abysses, toward a kind of healing or consolation (musical glasses and microtonal electric guitar)... in the end there are new tasks."

—Sarah Nemtsov

Score of K'lipot

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Photos: Camille Blake, Peter Adamik