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Nemtsov, Sarah

En face (2018)
for large orchestra with solo percussion and actor/narrator to the story “Einsamkeit” (“Loneliness”) by Bruno Schulz
perc.speaker -
Duration: 25 Min.
WP: 05.04.2019, Cottbus

beyond its simple space (2018)
for harpsichord solo and baroque orchestra 
hpsd solo - fl, bsn - str
Duration: 23‘
World Premiere: 08.07.2018, Viitasaari

dropped . drowned (2017)
for large orchestra ‐ ‐ hp ‐ pf ‐ 3perc ‐ ‐ playback
Duration: 17‘
World Premiere: 22.9.2017, Cottbus

opera in 4 acts - - - 3perc. -
Duration: 90‘
WP: 05.03.2017, Halle
Scattered ways (2015)
for large orchestra - - 2perc - hp - str
Duration: 10‘
WP: 7.5.2015, Erfurt

SHESH (2014)
for (amplified) string orchestra
Duration: 18‘
WP: 24.3.2014, Munich

layers for 8 musicians (amplified)
Duration: 18'
WP: 18.10.2013, Helsinki

Herzland (2005-2009)
chamber opera in five acts
for two voices and chamber orchestra
Duration: 30‘
WP: 24.11.2009, Munich
Sarah Nemtsov was born in 1980 in Oldenburg and lives in Berlin. She studied composition with Nigel Osborne, Johannes Schöllhorn and Walter Zimmermann. Her music is regularly performed at international festivals such as Donaueschinger Musiktage, Bregenz Festival, Münchener Biennale, Holland Festival, Wien Modern and Festival Musica. Sarah Nemtsov works closely with the most renowned European ensembles for contemporary music. Literature plays an important role as a source of inspiration; it serves her as a conceptual stimulation for her own constant innovation. Often in the combination and contrast of audio and visual moments, at the borders of music theater, she explores new forms of musical presence.

Sarah Nemtsov is currently writing her fourth opera “Sacrifice” (2016), dealing with the story of two German girls who become radicalized and who are on their way to join ISIS. Sarah is developing a complex, urban and rather essayistic musical theatre work which will premiere in Halle/Germany in March 2017. Planned for 2017/2018 are various chamber music works, a new work for orchestra and a new work for ensemble and vocal ensemble.