Globokar receives GEMA Music Authors’ Prize 2022

Globokar receives GEMA Music Authors’ Prize 2022

The composer Vinko Globokar has received the 2022 German Music Authors’ Prize of GEMA, the German performing rights organization.

The jury of this interdisciplinary music prize declared: “Vinko Globokar’s music fluctuates between the clear structures of a precisely notated composition and free, non-hierarchical improvisation. In his instrumental works, he illuminates the dimensions of the physical gestures, the performance and the vocal-linguistic action. He doesn’t hesitate to repurpose traditional instruments or to employ non-musical objects. Globokar has drawn on elements of contemporary music and free jazz but also the traditional folk music of his Slovenian heritage. As both trombonist and composer he has decisively influenced the New Music of the past decades. In doing so, he always succeeded in rediscovering himself artistically without ever sacrificing quality or his individuality.”


“It is an honour for me to receive this award from GEMA, and I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to my collaborators,” said the delighted Vinko Globokar, and he recalled that “in the mid-1960s I composed my first work in Berlin: Voie, based on a text by Mayakovsky for 36 singers, 36 musicians, two conductors and narrator. The premiere of this cantata took place at the second Biennale in Zagreb and was followed shortly by further performances at Warsaw Autumn and in Berlin under Michael Gielen. Since then, in the last 50 years until now, GEMA has accompanied and supported my work. It has enabled me to pursue my international career undisturbed, and for that I am most grateful.”

With his extraordinary talents, including as a trombonist, Globokar has influenced numerous contemporary composers worldwide and developed new playing techniques on the instrument. He is a dominant figure of the avant garde.

Vinko Globokar is a bold musical experimenter, a radical performer and an innovative spirit. He is continually probing limits and going far beyond them. He has originated countless novel sounds and techniques with which he has shaped an entire genre. This French composer and trombonist of Slovenian extraction has written works for orchestra, chamber formation and choral music. His compositions are performed all over the world. He offers his performers creative scope, encourages them to interact freely, and challenges their inventiveness and powers of imagination.
Text: GEMA

Photos: Kevin Riedl
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