Critical Revisions and Elaborations

Edizioni Ricordi

Since the second half of the 20th century, alongside the monumental critical edition series of the great Italian composers, Casa Ricordi has undertaken the critical recovery of some of the greatest masterpieces of the operatic tradition of the past centuries, which are not yet sufficiently known, or at any rate less well known.
In many cases, the attestations of scholars and musicologists who were the first to reveal the beauty and vitality of these titles have been confirmed by the re-listening proposed to audiences in concert halls and theatres around the world.
As with the critical editions, the revisions and elaborations, entrusted to renowned scholars and composers, aim to restore accurate and complete scores that are strictly faithful to the sources.
The titles listed below are all available for hire only, while few of them have a piano vocal score on sales: for more information please contact

Critical Revisions and Elaborations

Pietro Auletta, L’Orazio ossia Il maestro di musica (1737)
Revision by M. Panni

Antonio Cagnoni, Don Bucefalo (1847)
Critical edition by A. Wiklund

Alfredo Catalani, Edmea (1886)
Revision by G. Zani

Francesco Cavalli, Il Giasone (1649)
Transcription and elaboration by M. Panni

Luigi Cherubini, Lodoiska (1791)
Critical edition by L. Tozzi

Luigi Cherubini, Medea (1797)
Revision on the manuscript by F. Testi

Giovanni Battista Cimador, Pigmalione (1790)
Revision by E. Surian

Domenico Cimarosa, Amor rende sagace (1793)
Revision on the sources and transcription by G. Tonini and F. Brazzo

Domenico Cimarosa, Le astuzie femminili (1794)
Elaboration and orchestration by O. Respighi
Piano vocal score on sales

Domenico Cimarosa, L’italiana in Londra (1779)
Revision on the autograph by L. Tozzi
Piano vocal score on sales

Domenico Cimarosa, Il marito disperato (1785)
Revision and elaboration by T. Gargiulo

Domenico Cimarosa, Il matrimonio segreto (1792)
Revision on the original sources by F. Donatoni

Romualdo Duni, L’isola dei pazzi (1760)
Elaboration and revision by G. Turchi and G. C. Brero

Franco Faccio, Amleto (1865)
Critical edition by A. Barrese

Giuseppe Farinelli, Pamela (1802)
Revision on the sources by A. Moccia and S. De Sanctis

Alberto Franchetti, Asrael (1888)
Revision on the sources by A. Moccia

Baldassarre Galuppi, L’amante di tutte (1760)
Revision by V. Mortari

Baldassarre Galuppi, Il filosofo di campagna (1754)
Elaboration by E. Wolf-Ferrari
Piano vocal score on sales

Niccolò Jommelli, L’uccellatrice (1750)
Elaboration by M. Zanon
Piano vocal score on sales

Ruggero Leoncavallo, I Medici (1893)
Critical edition by G. Mandozzi

Francesco Mancini, Colombina e Pernicone (1723)
Critical edition by C. Gallico

Filippo Marchetti, Romeo e Giulietta (1865)
Critical edition by di L. Lugli

Giovanni Simone Mayr, L'intrigo della lettera (1797)
Revision on the sources by M. Mazzolini

Giuseppe Maria Orlandini, Bacocco e Serpilla ovvero Il marito giocatore e la moglie bacchettona (1718)
Revision by M. Zanon

Giovanni Paisiello, Il barbiere di Siviglia ovvero La Precauzione inutile (1782)
Elaboration and revision by R. Fasano

Giovanni Paisiello, Don Chisciotte della Mancia (1769)
Revision by J. Napoli

Giovanni Paisiello, Le due contesse (1776)
Revision on the autograph by L. Tozzi

Giovanni Paisiello, Il duello comico (1774)
Revision by G. Tintori

Giovanni Paisiello, Nina o sia La pazza per amore (1790)
Revision on the sources by F. Broussard
Piano vocal score on sales

Giovanni Paisiello, Il Re Teodoro in Venezia (1784)
Revision on the sources by M. Robinson

Niccolò Piccinni, L’Americano (1772)
Revision on the sources by E. Hull

Niccolò Piccinni, La bella verità (1762)
Revision by G. Turchi

Niccolò Piccinni, Il mondo della luna ossia Il finto astrologo (1765)
Revision by L. Tozzi

Nicola Porpora, Orfeo (1736)
Revision on the original sources by R. Pe and F. Longo

Domenico Scarlatti, La dirindina (1715)
Critical edition by F. Degrada
Full score on sales

Gaspare Spontini, La Vestale (1807)
Revision on the autograph by F. Agostinelli and G. Gravagna

Giacomo Tritto, Il convitato di pietra (1783)
Critical edition by R. De Simone