Spring Highlights: what’s new with Liza Lim

Spring Highlights: what’s new with Liza Lim

Did you know that Lim is a passionate gardening enthusiast? In our new portrait video, the composer takes us to an inner-city garden and talks about what she values most when working with musicians and why she finds noise a source of inspiration. Find out more spring highlights below.

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CD-Release: Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus

Another spring highlight is the CD-release of Lim's Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus performed by Klangforum Wien. Among numerous positive reviews, Alex Ross says: “This tumultuous soundscape never feels needlessly assaultive or brutal — a tribute to Lim’s keen ear for instrumental writing and to her knack for tracing musical gestures that have the fluid shape of organic life. She seems to adopt the point of view of the suffering earth, or even of the lifeless objects that we have ejected into the environment.” (from Ross's New Yorker review, 27 April 2020) 

Listen to the album here:

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Upcoming project: Annunciation Triptych

Currently, Liza Lim is working on a large-scale symphonic cycle: the Annunciation Triptych, a co-commission of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and SWR Symphonieorchester. Each part of the work is dedicated to a female spiritual figure.

Annunciation Triptych • [2019-2021]

for orchestra
I. Sappho/Bioluminescence 
II. Mary/Transcendence after Trauma 
III. Fatimah/Flowers of jubilation 
Duration: 15' (each); 45' (total)

Composer’s note

Sappho, Mary and Fatimah are invoked as icons of women’s spirituality and the three works explore themes of revelation and ritual as the connecting tissue between very different cultural worlds. Sappho’s world of erotic trance and hallucination, Mary’s Visitation by the Angel and Passion Play, Fatimah’s Wedding and Lamentation – these stories are also commentaries on ecological, spiritual and transcultural themes in our times.
— Liza Lim

Video shoot with Liza Lim: Making-of pictures

Photos: Pearls & Beans, Astrid Ackermann (title), Jascha Zube (making-of pictures)