Simone Mayr – Critical Editions

Mayr, Giovanni Simone

General editors: Jürgen Selk; Reinhold Quandt (as of 2018)

Managing editors: Gabriele Dotto, Marcello Eynard, Paolo Fabbri, Reinhold Quandt, Anders Wikl, Iris Winkler

The foundation of the international Simon Mayr Society in Ingolstadt in 1995, marked a major step forwards in supporting the revival of this important local talent and asset. Since 1995, with the active support of Mayr’s first publisher, G. Ricordi, we have witnessed a splendid Mayr renaissance that continues to gain pace: the reintroduction of the Bavarian-Italian composer to the cultural landscape has resulted in successful staged performances of several of his operas, such as “Fedra” (Staatstheater Braunschweig), “Medea in Corinto” (Theater St. Gallen and Staatsoper Munich), and “Il ritorno d’Ulisse” (Theater Regensburg); – as well as in several premiere recordings.

In collaboration with the international Simon Mayr Society, G. Ricordi and Co. Berlin is releasing the first historical-critical edition of his complete works. Piece by piece, the works of Simon Mayr are edited, which, depending upon the available source material, is a painstaking and complicated undertaking.

Critical Editions available

I. Stage Works

Belle Ciarle e tristi fatti
Edited by Anders Wiklund

Edited by Anders Wiklund and Iris Winkler

Ginevra di Scozia
Edited by Hans Schellevis

Il ritorno d’Ulisse
Edited by Anders Wiklund

Medea in Corinto
Edited by P. Rossini

In preparation

Medea in Corinto (Bergamo version)
Edited by P. Rossini