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Today Universal Music Publishing Classical offers the most distinguished and prestigious series of critical editions in the entire international publishing world. These series carry forth the great traditions of the individual publishing houses that make up the UMPC group, with all their rich legacies and distinctive approaches to publishing.

Thanks to a close collaboration with esteemed organizations like Fondazione Rossini, the University of Chicago, Musica Gallica and the Simon Mayr Gesellschaft, together with the dedicated involvement of some of the world’s most distinguished music scholars, UMPC’s critical editions set new standards in musicological research and publishing excellence.

The goal of UMPC’s critical editions is to achieve the highest possible standards of accuracy and completeness in order to create publications that meet the needs of performers and musicologists alike: scores that are scrupulously faithful to the sources, prepared with rigorous critical scrutiny and yet at the same time fully compatible with current music performance practice. All the editorial decisions taken are thoroughly documented and reflect both the genesis and the subsequent history of the compositions.

In 2012, UMPC’s series of critical editions will be enriched by three exciting new projects that will mark an important step forward in the understanding of our musical tradition and in the refinement of the tools and standards of musical philology: the National Edition of the works of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, the Critical Edition of the operas of Giacomo Puccini and the Critical Edition of the works of Giovanni Simone Mayr.

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Bellini, Vincenzo

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Donizetti, Gaetano

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Mayr, Simone

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Meyerbeer, Giacomo

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Rossini, Gioachino

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Verdi, Giuseppe

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Vivaldi, Antonio 

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Zemlinsky, Alexander

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Debussy, Claude

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