Nemtsov's Tikkun – world premiere at Elbphilharmonie

Nemtsov's Tikkun – world premiere at Elbphilharmonie

Tikkun is the last part of Sarah Nemtsov’s tetralogy Tzimtzum, a cycle based on mystical ideas of the Creation. The world premiere, with Ensemble Nikel and Ensemble Resonanz conducted by Emilio Pomárico, takes place in Hamburg during the festival “5 Years of Elbphilharmonie”.

Tikkun (2021)

Soloist ensemble ad libitum, string orchestra and percussion with tape
(ad lib.: ssax.e-git.perc.key) - 3perc - str (min., ideal - tape
WP: 30.10.2021, Cologne (excerpt), 12.01.2022, Hamburg (complete)
Commissioned by Elbphilharmonie, Westdeutscher Rundfunk and Festival Les Amplitudes

Ensemble Nikel

Conductor's note

An excerpt from Tikkun has already been premiered by the WDR Sinfonieorchester. The orchestra’s principal conductor Cristian Măcelaru has commented:

“Sarah plays with the idea of counterpoint the same way that Bach does except she uses different sounds. It is so interesting to see a completely different take on the same kind of language of the sound that all composers before her have been using and this diversity is the most fascinating to me.” 

Ensemble Resonanz

About the work

Nemtsov explains the origin of the title Tikkun as follows: "'Tikkun olam' means ‘healing’ or ‘repairing’ the world and, as an essential human obligation, is one of the most important ethical principles in Judaism: One should contribute to improving the state of the world." According to mystical ideas, divine vessels of light were once shattered and their flashes scattered all over the world as life forces. The rupture, however, also unleashed evil. Tikkun means gathering up these sparks in order to mend the cracks in the world.


30.10.2021 (WP, excerpt) 
WDR SymphonieorchesterCristian Măcelaru (cond.), Kölner Philharmonie, Cologne

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12.01.2022 (WP)
Ensemble Nikel/Ensemble ResonanzEmilio Pomárico (cond.), Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

04.05.2022 (NP)
Festival Les Amplitudes
, La Chaux-de-Fonds

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Photos: Camille Blake, Amit Elkayam, Tobias Schult