Giacomo Meyerbeer – Critical Editions

Vivaldi Dramatic Music

General editor: Jürgen Selk

Due to the lack of much source material, exacerbated by further losses during the Second World War, it is currently not possible to publish Meyerbeer’s “complete” works. The main focus is the stage works of Meyerbeer. 

In recent years Meyerbeer research has made huge steps forwards, and the importance of the composer’s historical and operatic role has been reintroduced into our consciousness. At the same time, the way in which his output has been transmitted complicates the research process as the investigation of the source material has uncovered the complicated creative processes, whose course was determined by conceptual changes, such as varying performance demands. Many of the printed scores and piano pieces seem incomplete, unreliable, and unusable. Thus, many of the theaters that would like to perform Meyerbeer’s works face almost insurmountable challenges. A historical-critical edition is therefore urgently necessary. Only then can opera audiences truly discover the “real” Meyerbeer.

Meyerbeer’s compositions will be presented in editions that on the one side will do justice to the claims of modern philology, and on the other side will satisfy the challenges of the performance practice. The release of the edition will manifest Meyerbeer’s musical achievements and will at long last be accessible to historians.

Critical Editions available

I. Stage Works

Le Prophète
Edited by Matthias Brzoska

Les Huguenots 
Edited by Oliver Jacob

Margherita d’Anjou
Edited by Paolo A. Rossini and Peter Kaiser 

Robert le Diable
Edited by Wolfgang Kühnhold and Peter Kaiser

Edited by Marco Beghelli and Stefano Piana

Vasco de Gama (L’Africaine) 
Edited by Jürgen Selk 


In preparation

Gott und die Natur
Edited by Peter Kaiser

Le Pardon de Ploërmel / Dinorah