B'Rock – new music on old instruments

B'Rock – new music on old instruments

Baroque and contemporary music have a lot in common; a diligent search for specific sounds, a constant exploration of the possibilities of current instruments, and similar ensemble sizes. Recent years have seen the development of some exciting new works, either as a commission for baroque orchestras, or referring to masterpieces of baroque literature.

Sarah Nemtsov

The young German composer Sarah Nemtsov was commissioned to write a new work for harpsichord and the Finnish Baroque Orchestra. This work can also be performed on modern instruments.

beyond its simple space
For harpsichord solo and baroque orchestra
harpsichord –,db (amplified, with effect pedals and objects)
Duration: 22'

Score of beyond its simple space

Listen to the excerpt

Olga Neuwirth 

The Austrian composer Olga Neuwirth refers to the Brandenburg concertos in her flute concerto Aello – ballet mécanomorphe. The harpsichord sound is played by a keyboard and the percussive element comes from an old-school typewriter.  

Aello – ballet mécanomorphe (2016/2017)
for solo- flute, 2 muted trumpets, string ensemble, keyboard and typewriter
flute – – – perc – synth –
Duration: 18'

Score of Aello – ballet mécanomorphe

Lisa Streich

ricordilab laureate Lisa Streich created a work for Cologne Philharmonie and Hofkapelle München as part of “The non bthvn project”. In HÄNDEKÜSSEN (hand-kissing), Lisa Streich divides the orchestra in two, with the right half taking over the steps of the right foot and the left half taking over the steps of the left foot. And so, the orchestra begins an imaginary dance – with a kiss of the hand (maybe).

for baroque orchestra – –
Duration: 12'

More information about the work here


Dai Fujikura

Not quite connected to baroque music is the Shamisen concerto by the Japanese composer Dai Fujikura. But the sound of the Asian instrument is reminiscent of a harpsichord’s percussive attack.

Shamisen Concerto (2019)
ensemble version
for shamisen and ensemble
shamisen – – – –
Duration: 23'

Score of Shamisen Concerto

Watch Japanese national premiere