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Hind, Rolf


Maya-Sesha (2007) 21'
(piano and orchestra)
0.2.2(eflat:bcl).ssax.2(2=cbsn). / / 2perc.acc.hp.cel. / str. (4solo.
Commissioned by the BBC and premiered by the composer and BBC SSO under Martyn Brabbins in City Halls Glasgow, March 2008

The Tiniest House of Time (2012) 30'
(accordion and orchestra)
solo accordion
picc(rec).1(rec).2.2(Ebcl).0. / 2.2.2(2=btbn).1. / / str.
Commissioned by the BBC and premiered by James Crabb, BBC SSO under Jakob Hrusa Barbican, London, November 2012


The Secret Names
(2020) 25'
for 16-20 Singers (SATB) with handheld percussion and solo cello
Commissioned by BBC Singers and to be premiered on 20th March 2020 in London

Breath of Fire
(2010) 10'
Commissioned by Matthew Jones and York Late Music and premiered 5th March 2011 Late Music Festival, York

The City of Love (2002) 10'
(voice, cello, piano)
Written for Lore Lixenberg (voice), Zoe Martlew (cello) and Dominic Saunders (piano) and premiered by them in York as part of Cutting Edge tour April 2002

The City of Love (2002) 10'
(voice, violin, piano)
World Premiere: November 2006, Huddersfield

Das Unenthüllte (2002) 12'
(violin and piano)
Commissioned by the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Premiered by David Alberman and Rolf Hind at the Huddersfield Festival, November 2002.
Available on CD Secret Melodies works by Per Nørgård & Rolf Hind (Dacapo Label)

The Eye of Fire (2004) 28'
(string quartet & prepared piano)
Written for the composer and the Duke Quartet and premiered them at the Bromsgrove Mixing Music series November 2004

Fire in the head (2011) 8'
(oboe and Percussion)
Commissioned by New Noise and premiered1st March 2011 Purcell Room, London

The Flower in the next Corner (2008) 21'
(string quartet)
Composed for and premiered by The Duke Quartet in August 2008 at the Dartington Festival

Follow the Leader (2006) 10-12'
(voice and percussion)
Commissioned by Lore Lixenberg and first performed by her and Damien Harron at the RIOT spnm concert 9th Feb 2007 LSO St. Luke's.

The Horse Sacrifice (2001) 20'
(fl/bfl/treble recorder, cl/Eb/recorder, vln, vc, perc, pf with ratchet + triangles)
1st Performance: Brighton, May 2001.
Commissioned by the Brighton Festival for the New Music Players
Recorded by the New Music Players on London Independent records (LIR003)

King David (2008) 7'
(clarinet and violin)

Lost In Thought (2015) 210'
A meditation opera
f-vx, cl/bcl, perc, acc, hp, pf, vl/vla, vc
World premiere: London, September 2015

on what weft are woven the waters (2016) 60' gamelan
World Premiere: Huddersfield, November 2017

Shashankasana (2008) 5'
(string quartet)
Composed for and premiered by The Duke Quartet in May 2008 at the Soundwaves Brighton Festival.

Sit, Stand Walk (2011) 23'
solo clarinet (A,Ebcl,bcl) / hn. / perc.hp(whirly tube).pf.acc. / vln.vla.2vc
Commissioned by Chroma and Spitalfields music and premiered at Spitalfields Festival, June 2011, Clarinet: Stuart King

Sunnata (2005) 11'
(grand piano, four uprights and a honkytonk)
Written for the composer and five student pianists at Nottingham University premiered by them at Djanogly Recital Hall March 2005

The Thing is (2006) 14'
(piano, cello, violin)
Premiered at the Corsham Festival 2006 by the Fidelio Trio

The Flower in the Next Corner (2008) 21'
String Quartet
World Premiere: August 2008, Dartington Festival

The Horse Sacrifice (2001) 20'
bfl(picc;rec).cl(Ebcl;bcl;rec). /;triangle). / vln(triangle).vc.
World Premiere: Mai 2001, Brighton

Thirteen O'clock Shadow (2001) 4'
(2 singing percussionists)
Written for Richard Benjafield and Chris Brannick. Premiered at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2001

Tiger’s Nest (2015) 25'
(solo percussion, two pianos, two solo gamelan, gamelan ensemble (circa 10 players), metallophones (pelog and slendro))
Commissoned by Cheltenham Festivals and SBC London
1st performance: Cheltenham Town Hall, May 2015

Way Out East (2016) 30'
Follow the leader: S, pf (upright piano), perc
Varanasi Haiku: S, sax(tenor or sopran), perc, pf (grand piano)
This is the cow: S, tensax, perc, pf
World Premiere: 26.04.2016, Kopenhagen

Your black mouth (2002) 12'
(Bass clarinet, harp)
Premiered by Fiona Cross and Hugh Webb at the Leasowes bank festival Shropshire in August 2002

Zum Sterben, zu Ruh (2016) 3'
for one or two pianists
World Premiere: London, December 2016


A Single Hair, a Jasmine Petal, Seven Mattresses, a Pea... (2009)
(solo piano)

Air inside the cage (2012) 3'
(solo piano)
DedicatedTo John CAGE AND O.R. Premiered Danse hallerne, Copenhagen, May 2012

Cloud Shadow & Solgata (2000) 11'
(solo piano)
1st Performance: Seoul, S. Korea, April 2000
Solgata performed by the composer on the State of the Nation CD from NMC

The Dark Hug of Time (2016) 6'
for solo piano 

The Towers of Silence (2007)
(solo piano)


In a career that has taken him all over the world in the last fifteen years, Rolf Hind has worked with many of the greatest names in 20th and 21st century contemporary classical music.

As a student of composition and piano at the Royal College of Music, he played works by Xenakis and Messiaen to the composers themselves, prompting the latter to describe the undergraduate as "a great pianist". Since then Rolf has worked closely with a broad range of composers from John Adams, Tan Dun and Helmut Lachenmann to Michael Finnissy, judith Weir and George Benjamin. His recordings range from early discs for the groundbreaking Factory Classics label to a recent recording for Nonesuch, via Bridge, NMC, Teldec, DaCapo and Virgin Classics.

He has performed at all the major European new music festivals, appeared five times at the Proms, and played in Carnegie Hall and Sydney Opera House. Tours have taken him as far afield as Cuba, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and New Zealand. He teaches the piano and sometimes composition at the Guildhall School of Music in London.

In the year 2000, after a long silence, Rolf began to compose again, inspired by repeated trips to India and a subsequent fascination with the culture and language. Since then, most of his works have sprung from that source: The Horse Sacrifice, for six instrumentalists, The City of Love (a setting of Hindi texts) for voice cello and piano, Your Black Mouth, for clarinet and harp, and Sunnata for six keyboards. In 2008 he premiered his piano concerto "Maya-Sesha" with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

Rolf is also inspired by working with players at the cutting edge of instrumental technique and innovation, as in Thirteen O'Clock Shadow for the percussionists Chris Brannick and Richard Benjafield, The Eye Of Fire and The Flower in the Next Corner for the Duke Quartet, and Das Unenthullte for himself and his violin duo partner David Alberman, Breath of Fire for the viola player, Matthew Jones, and Fire in the Head for new noise.

He has already built up a significant list of performances and commissions from notable organisations: Bromsgrove concerts, Brighton Festival, South West German Radio, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Soundwaves festival, Spitalfields Music, York Late Music. His clarinet concerto "Sit stand walk" for Stuart King and Chroma was premiered at the Spitalfields Festival in 2011, and an accordion concerto for James Crabb and the BBCSO called The Tiniest House of Time, will be premiered by the BBCSO in the Barbican in Nov 2012.

The Horse Sacrifice, Solgata and Das Unenthullte are available on disc, and in autumn 2012 the german label NEOS will bring out first recordings of three works, including Maya Sesha, on a disc devoted to his music.

Imminent composition plans include a clarinet quintet, a piece for prepared piano, piano and ensemble, and a music theatre work, "lasting up to 24 hours!"

Maya Sesha and the piano piece A single flower, a jasmine petal, seven mattresses, a pea.. (2009) were both nominated for British Composer Awards.