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Danieli, Irlando

Composer. Professor in Composition at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory of Music Milan and in the Master’s degree in “Music, Theatre and Film” at the University of Milan. During his years of studies, he has served as music assistant and substitute conductor at RAI (Italian national public broadcasting) and also has served as chief conductor, musicologist, music critic, writer, reviewer and lecturer.

He is author of several works (opera, symphonic, chamber, vocal and instrumental music, stage and ballet music, electronic, multimedia, etc.), which have been singled out and rewarded in prestigious international competitions, including Prix de Monaco, Gaudeamus, Guido d’Arezzo, Stockhausen Prize (ex aequo with N. Castiglioni and F. Battiato), Franchino Gaffurio. His music is performed in a whole range of artistic manifestations such as musical festivals, exhibitions, thematic projects – especially music and multimedia theater, oratories, sacred performances, ballets, dedicated and tribute concerts, masses. (Musica, macchine...magia, Milan-Piccolo Teatro; Arsenale Theater, Milan; International Electronic Music Festival, Milan-Ansaldo; Akyoshidai International Contemporary Music Seminar, Hiroshima-Japan; Auditorium Vara, Nederland; Teatro Grande, Brescia; Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo; Musica Rara; L’Europa dei Compositori; Novurgia; Milanocosa; Teatro alla Scala, Milan; Amici del Loggione del Teatro alla Scala, Milan; Teatro della Pieve, Lugano-Swizerland; Sala Polivalente di Bondo, Swiss Grisons; Rosetum Theater, Milan; Caleidoscopio multiplicity; Spring Concerts in Budapest, Stockholm, Uppsala; Civic Museum, Basilica of Sant'Abbondio and Cathedral in Como; Milan: Duomo, Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, Abbey of Morimondo, Palazzina Liberty, Basilica of San Carlo al Corso, Auditorium San Fedele, Statale and Bicocca University, Umanitaria and Circolo della Stampa; Milan Conservatory- Sala Verdi and Puccini; Concert Hall of the Venice Conservatory, Basilica of San Francesco, Saronnno; Bolzano Conservatory; Padua University; MITO International Festival).

Many of his works are mentioned on several websites and posted on his Youtube channel. He has been awarded by the Swiss Consulate in Milan with the International Prize “Myrta Gabardi 2014 – A life for music, a music for life”. He has been commissioned by “I Percussionisti della Scala” to write La Grande Opera – quadri da “L’Alchimista” di P. Coelho, for actor or actress and large percussion ensemble (57 instruments; Ed. Ricordi), scheduled to take place at Ravenna Festival and at Latin American Festival.

He is present in important concert institutions, competitions and festivals in various places, such as Arezzo, Gorizia, Venice, Pescara, Rome, Milan, Budapest, Prague, Uppsala, Val Bregaglia. His compositions are printed by various publishing houses: Ricordi, Sonzogno, Suvini Zerboni, Edi-Pan, Wicky Music, Eco, Antes, Rugginenti, Carrara, Carisch, Amici della musica di Arezzo, Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia. He is featured in The New Grove and in the UTET Dictionary of Music and Musicians (DEUMM), as well as in many other similar works.

The author’s works published by Ricordi are:

La Grande Opera – Paintings from “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho;

Viaggio di un bambino attraverso i suoi sogni, musical theater work in six scenes, texts written by children, the author, G. Raboni and F. Bass;

Pierres milliaires et feux follets, for soprano, mixed choir and trombone quintet, text by E. Verhaeren (finalist at the Gaudeamus Prize);

Anelli aleatori sopra la prima terzina della “Commedia” di Dante, gioco per sei gruppi vocali e strumenti (Random rings above the first triplet of Dante’s “Commedia”, game for six vocal groups and instruments), commissioned by “Analysis”.

For Edizioni Ricordi he also realized the scores of the two following contemporary operas: Al gran sole carico d’amore by Luigi Nono and Blaubart by Camillo Togni. He also edited the Ricordi Dictionary of Music and Musicians and, between the 70s and 80s, he took part in several projects especially regarding contemporary music editions and revisions.

Singular figure of composer, untrammelled personality, indipendent and shy in today’s panorama, profound connoisseur of both classics and contemporaries, he is the heir of the great Western tradition and also keenly interested in the multiple expressions of extra-European cultures, which often take part in his works. His music, which finds its roots in this multifaceted heritage, reflectes a notable combination of an advanced and refined language, a charming disposition and an expressive richness, capable of reaching the most diverse audience.

He incessantly composes and carries out very activity passionately pursuing executions, often outside ‘closed and exclusive’ institutions.

Photo credits: Emma Terenzio Art Photo.