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Meierhans, Mela

„4 S” • [2001/02]
for vocal quartet
Text: Anne Blonstein
4 St.
World Premiere: 19.6.2002, Basel
Duration: 20’
TME 597 // *Score

„A-a” • [2000/02]

for mid-voice and percussion
St. Schlzg.
SpielDuration: 13-15’
World Premiere: 8.2.2001, Zürich
Duration: 99’
TME 642 // Score

Almah • [1993/94]
for string quartet and walking horn
Hr. 2 Vl. Vla. Vc.
Für Le Corbusiers Wallfahrtskapelle „Notre Dame du Haut” in Ronchamp (F).
World Premiere: 11.2.1995, Luzern
Duration: 16’
TME 549 // *Spiel-P.

Canthus to Canthus • [1998/99]
for variable instruments, voice and audio tape
Text: auf 18 Gedichte „sand.soda.lime” von Anna Blonstein (engl.)
Mögliche Versionen: I. Glasinstr. St. Tonb.; II. St. Tonb.; III. präp. Klav. Klav. St. Tonb. / IV. Bkl. Vc. Klav. St. Tonb. / Ps. Ob. Klav. Schlzg. St. Tonb. / etc.
World Premiere: 6.6.1999, Thun
Duration: 20’
TME 548 // *Score / *Vx. / carr.

Cordes ouvertes • [1995/96]
pour violon seul
Auch in „CONTEMPORARY COLLECTION for Violin solo”, Sy. 2740
World Premiere: 1996 ,Basel
Duration: 10’
TME 633 // *Score

Diaphonie II • [2002/03]
for contra bass
World Premiere: 9.4.2004, New York
Duration: 13’
TME 724 // *Score

Drift (Von Widerständen II) • [2004]
étude for accordion solo
World Premiere: 9.5.2004, St. Gallen
Duration: 23’
TME 712 // *Score

Enigma • [1999]

for voice, ensemble and live-electronic
Text: according to a poem of Ingeborg Bachmann
Ob. Hr. Bkl. Vl. Vla. Vc. Schlzg. Live-El.
audio design in cooperation with Volker Böhm (Elektronisches Studio Basel)
World Premiere: 5.11.1999, Basel
Duration: 14’
TME 550 // *Spiel-P. / Live-El.

Irritation I • [1993]
for piano four-handed
Klav (4hd).
World Premiere: 22.5.1993, Luzern
Duration: 12’
TME 723 // *Score

LaUt de MiLa • [1992/93]
for viola
World Premiere: 15.6.1993, Brno
Duration: 10’
TME 547 // *Score

Malina Fragmente • [2011]
for string quartet and voice
2vln. vla. vc. voc.
Duration: 25’
TME 3480// *Score 

Narziss und Echo • [2004]
for clarinet
World Premiere: 26.6.2004, Zürich
Duration: 12’
TME 778 // *Score

„Nightselves” oder „Meine Nacht schläft nicht” • [1997-2001]
for big orchestra without violins
according to a picture and texts of Sonja Sekula
2. 2. Eh. 2. Bkl. 2 Kfg. / 3. 3. 3. Kbps. Kbtb. / Pk. 6 Schlzg. / 0. 0. 12. 10. 8.
World Premiere: 28.11.2001, Basel
Duration: 24’
TME 518 // Score / Vx. / *Stud.-P.

„Nightselves” oder „Meine Nacht schläft nicht” • [1997/2007]
Ensemble-Version for clarinet, horn, violoncello, double bass and accordion
according to a picture and texts of Sonja Sekula
Kl. Hr. Vc. Kb. Akk.
World Premiere: 19.3.2008, Aargau
Duration: 24’
TME 3481 // Score / Vx.

Orpheus • [1999-2000]

for voice solo and open piano
Text: poem adaptation of Ingeborg Bachmann
St (m. Klav).
World Premiere: 21.5.2001, Château de Paille
Duration: 8’
TME 554 // *Score

„Sacht Ä”: Aequatuor • [1999/2001]

for oboe, primed piano and violoncello
Text: according to quotations of Uwe Johnson
Ob. Klav (präp). Vc.
World Premiere: 25.1.2002, Zürich
Duration: 16’
TME 570 // *Score

„Sacht Ä”: E-vent • [1999/2001]
for bass- and alto flute, english horn and bass clarinet
Text: auf Zitate von Uwe Johnson
Bfl (Afl). Eh. Bkl.
World Premiere: 11.11.2001, Berlin
Duration: 16’
TME 571 // *Score

„Sacht Ä”: Ecco • [1999/2007]

for soprano saxophone, violoncello and accordion
Text: according to quotations of Uwe Johnson
Ssax. Vc. Akk.
SpielDuration: 14-17’
World Premiere: 10.6.2008, Berlin
Duration: 99’
TME 895 // *Score

Triton I - VI • [1989/90]
for piano
World Premiere: 13.9.1990, Zug
Duration: 9’
TME 722 // *Score

Tunnel II • [2002]
Eine Zugbiografie
for soprano, oboe, violoncello, primed piano and playback-CD
Text: according to excerpts of „Der Tunnel” by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Ob. Vc. Klav (präp), Zuspiel-CD
World Premiere: 5.12.2002, Basel
Duration: 22’
TME 605 // *Score / Vx. / carr.

twentyfive • [2010/11]

composition according to Max Frisch
for soprano, mezzo-soprano and speaker; scenic version
Text: Max Frisch, 25 Fragen aus dem FRAGEBOGEN I
S. Ms. Spr.
World Premiere: 20.11.2011, Basel
Duration: 60’
TME 3479 // Score

wer barfuss geht, geht nicht auf rosen • [2009]
composition and notarikon
for voice, dance ad lib. and five instrumentalists
Text: according to pictures and diary notes Anna Maria Bürgi
St. Tanz (ad lib).
Kl. Hr (Alphr). Akk. Vc. Kb.
World Premiere: 15.8.2009, Altdorf (CH)
Duration: 25’
TME 3488 // Score / Vx.


*28.8.1961 Zug / Switzerland

Mela Meierhans initially received important artistic influences at home (contemporary music and painting). In compositional terms, she sees herself as being an autodidact.

Her creative interests tend to deal with complexity and openness: which implies an interdisciplinary collaboration with personalities from literature and architecture, as well as "musical partnerships" during the development of interactive music scores, working together with artists from the fields of music, dance, film, performance, theater, installation and architecture.

From 1998 to 2000 she was the guest composer at the Electronic Studio of Music Academy in Basel.

Since 2003, her work has focussed on music theater / music performed in the (public) space. In this context, she has worked several times with the State Theatre in Hanover and also the Forum for Contemporary Music Leipzig. As well as this, she has also received numerous commissions e.g. MaerzMusik of Berlin, the Lucerne Festival, the Basel Symphony Orchestra, the Ensemble Roosevelt Washington, the Kklangwerkstatt Berlin, the Basel Sinfonietta, the Gare du Nord Basel or the Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain.

In 2006 she founded the ensemble dialogue, a group of musicians who play traditional instruments alongside traditional folk music and who are also comfortable doing improvisation.

Since 2000 Mela Meierhans lives and works in Berlin and its surrounding countryside.