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Stamitz, Johann Wenzel Anton

Concerto for violin and string orchestra in B flat major
String orchestra, vln solo
Duration: 16'

Concerto for clarinet and orchestra in B flat major,strgs, cl solo
Duration: 16'

Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 1 in D major,strgs, pf solo
Duration: 20'

Concerto for cembalo and string orchestra no. 2 in C major

String orchestra, hpsd solo
Duration: 19'

Concerto for organ and orchestra no. 4 in F major,strgs, org solo

Pastorelle in D major,strgs
Duration: 6'

Pastorelle in G major,strgs
Duration: 6'

Sinfonia à 12, no. 2 in D major,strgs
Duration: 10'

Symphony in A major – „Spring Symphony”,strgs
Duration: 16'